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(Physcial) Game Review: Fragrant Story for 3DS

Today we’re discussing one of the very final 3DS games to ever release physically. That game is Fragrant Story from Squire Games. Even if they don’t have any more by the time you read this, maybe they’ll make more. Or maybe you can buy a reseller’s copy from eBay or …

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Holiday Gifts for TWiLight Users

2022 has been officially rang in and the scene has brought it’s own share of surprises. From the PS4 with plenty to do on a 9.0.0 jailbreak (like seriously, you can do them right now) to a new release from RocketRobz. If you own a Nintendo handheld that has two …

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Luma3DS 10 (and 10.0.1) Released!

So well after a year of being dormant, Luma3DS is back with a huge major update. You’ll also see in the title that I mentioned that 10.0.1 has also released. The Luma3DS 10 is the major revision and the 10.0.1 is the same just with a quick hotfix built in. …

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