REPL4Y for Android already supporting the PS5!

ss4gogeta069 back in action with a quick update on the REPL4Y app for Android! It seems Twisted tweeted out a trial version AND a full version of the application.

REPL4Y for Android

Be on the lookout for HEVC/HDR support for both PC and Android. Find his tweet below along with the links for both versions of REPL4Y! Thanks for reading and keep on PRAISING THE SUN!

This product unlocks the full version of REPL4Y for connecting to the PS5, to purchase the PS4 upgrade go HERE. PS5 support is currently in Beta, there may be some bugs and missing features such as HEVC/HDR will be added in future updates. REPL4Y for Android allows you to Remote Play your PS5 using your Android device from anywhere with an internet connection!


  • PS5 Remote Play – Connect and play your PS5 console from anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Multiple Account support – Unlike the official app, REPL4Y allows for multiple accounts & consoles. You can even use non-primary accounts.
  • GPU Hardware Decoding – Hardware decoding in native code is used to minimise latency and offer the best gaming experience, stream up to 1080P  60 FPS on PS5!
  • Microphone Support- Party chat remotely
  • Low latency audio – REPL4Y offers low latency audio playback for the best gaming experience
  • Mobile Data LTE – Mobile data connections are supported allowing you to connect to your PS5 anywhere with a data connection
  • No logins required – Unlike other apps REPL4Y doesn’t require you to login to your PSN any any point. All you need to register your PS5 is your username
  • Remap your controllers – Any controller detected by Android is supported with full remapping! Any combination of buttons, axis and even hotkeys are supported!
  • On screen controls – Don’t want to take a controller with you? Not a problem, REPL4Y provides full on screen controls!
  • Try before purchase – Try out the free Trial version of REPL4Y before you purchase the full version. You can find the trial version HERE

NOTE: Party chat/voice is not yet supported and will be added in a future update


  • Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above
  • H264 hardware decoder support, HEVC decoder support for HDR.
  • Internet connection
  • x86, x64, ARM & ARM64 supported. Virtual environments are NOT supported.

Setup Guide

Follow the setup guide HERE to get started.


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