New PSVita Value Pack May Confirm Price Drop

blue value


SECJ has just announced they will be introducing 2 new limited editions of the Vita 2K series. The PlayStation Vita Super Value Pack includes a Limited edition Vita with either a red or blue back plate, and a black front, a screen protector, a travel pouch and an 8gb memory card, making it a nice little bundle. Best of all the bundle is priced at 18,980 yen, which is about $190 us making it a pretty cool deal for those looking to pick up a Vita. But if tradition has told us anything, systems, especially Limited editions such as these, are always more expensive then their US counter parts. Could this mean we will be seeing the rumored $50 Vita price drop coming up at E3? I’d say yes. 🙂

Only time will tell, but in the mean time fans of the 2K series of Vita should look into importing one of these bad boys, because not only do they look cool (personally I think Sony should have used these colors at launch) but they are limited editions that will inevitability go up in price, and I highly doubt we will see colors like this anywhere other than Japan.


red bundle

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