PSVita: RetroArch released for the Rejuvenate

This weekend a lot of commotion was going on over qwikrazor87 tweets about a new Kexploit and bubbles. So some of you might have missed the midnight release of RetroArch for rejuvenate (even I did). Luckily, Ezio is always keeping tabs on the newest releases for rejuvenate.

Now RetroArch is still in the early stages of it’s build, but it has quite a few emulators (cores) to use. Here is what they had to say over at about this Nightly build.

“PSVita nightlies are now available.
The nightlies have very few cores now but we’ll keep adding them till it’s complete, please report any issues, suggestions and any other feedback here.

Known issues:
– Too early to tell

Relevant changes:
– Too early to tell”

The cores that are included are:








genesis plus gx

Download: RetroArch


Download: RetroArch Ver2

RetroArch has been getting daily updates and we will keep you posted on each new build. Genesis plus gx: savestate works now 

Download: RetroArch Ver3



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