PS4 FW5.50 & a few things you need to know about before it’s released

Most you know that firmware 5.50 for the PlayStation 4 is in beta testing and a lot us are already helping Sony get this ready for the public. When I first started testing it was on beta 1, then beta 2, now on beta 3, this means Sony is getting closer and closer to a release.PS4

So what are the big changes, what’s do we really need to know about this new firmware? Well, it’s been reported by several people and even Mathieu, a very skilled developer that you should not update when this firmware is released if you would ever like to run any Homebrew on it.


Next thing is the save wizard, which is a cheating device for game saves on the PS4. Well it hasn’t run into any big issues, other than resigning profiles and it looks like its safe for now but things could change with the official release of FW5.50.PS4

So if your beta testing FW5.50 right now, it is recommended that you downgrade your system back to FW5.05 and wait patiently for things to develop for other FWs like 5.05. Since there are known exploits for firmware 5.xx, but nobody really knows too much about the new official firmware 5.50 as it could block anything somebody could be working on. Just like we’ve seen with the PS Vita many of times, so it is highly recommended that you don’t update to 5.50 if you would like to run Homebrew on your PS4 anytime soon and be patient.

If you are looking for a second PS4 on lower FW like 4.05, I recommend going to your local pawn shops since you can check each system and they don’t update them most of the time. Plus, you can get them cheaper than online shops or game shops.PS4

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