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Kingdom Hearts series prequel is getting a re-release as Kingdom Hearts Union x

Critically acclaimed mobile game Kingdom Hearts Unchained x, a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series, is going to be re-released as Kingdom Hearts Union x[Cross] in the upcoming update.

The main feature of the first major update, which is due to be released next month, will be a new “Union Cross” multiplayer mode. In this mode, players will be able to create teams of 6 either from their party members, or via match-making to fight hordes of enemies and powerful bosses.

In connection with that, emotes and text bubbles will be introduced to the game in order to allow players to communicate better. Another feature of the update will be new quests of increasing difficulty and unique new missions. And last but not least, “Theater Mode” will allow players to rewatch old cutscenes.

The update will be free. It’s already possible to preregister for it on the official website https://form3.square-enix.com/a.p/816/. Pre-registering will get players some benefits like exclusive mobile wallpapers or in-game rewards. Also, all players will receive an in-game presents by logging in after the update is rolled out.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained x is ninth installment in the Square Enix and Disney collaboration series Kingdom Hearts, originally released on PC as Kingdom Hearts x in Japan-only. It was later ported to Android/iOS in 2016 worldwide. The game’s plot is supposedly connected to the series’ latest main entry game, Kingdom Hearts III, whose future is, after the announcement at E3 2013, currently unknown.

Lastly, here is the teaser for Kingdom Hearts Union x.

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