BasiliskII ported to the PSVita by meatpatty

I know a couple of us are just dying to play an old System 7 version of Oregon Trail on the go with the PSVita. That’s why there’s Basilisk II, a 68k Mac emulator for the PSP & now for the PSVita using Henkaku.

BasiliskIIBasilisk can run systems 7.5.5 through 7.6.1 pretty decently. You will need a mac.rom file to legally run it, but we all know you’ve got that laying around someplace. This Port of Basilisk II is for the PSVita and its based off Chilly Willy’s excellent port to the PSP. You’ll also need firmware 3.60 to run Henkaku to install the vpk file onto the PSVita to run this port Basilisk II.



  • Original video modes from psp port plus new native res for vita:
    • 512×384
    • 640×360
    • 640×480
    • 726×544 – Native 4×3
    • 768×432
    • 768×576
  • Sound
  • No support for the following currently:
    • Depth modes other than 8 bit
    • UDP tunnelling
    • External keyboard or keyboard input
    • Native file system access

Known Issues

  • Crashes after coming out of standby

How to install

  • Install BasiliskII.vpk in the usual way
  • Create folder in ux0:/data/BasiliskII
  • Follow psp installation guide except folders/files should go into ux0:/data/BasiliskII
  • ie rom into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/roms, disk images into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/disks
  • Modify BasiliskII_prefs from psp Basilisk release. Modify paths to rom and disk images as appropriate
  • Change screen to one of the supported resolutions Note only 8 bit depth is supported screen 726/544/8
  • Copy BasiliskII_prefs to ux0:/data/BasiliskII

Additional Notes

  • Only tested with OS 7.5.5, modelid 5 and cpu 3


  • Chilly Willy for his excellent psp port




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  1. The program stops at the screen that says
    Basilisk II V1.1
    by Christian Baur et al.

    What do i need to do?

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