PC Game Streaming on PS Vita

We have all been enticed by the Remote Play app for Android and Windows and the remote play features for the Vita. But a lot of us have PCs as their main gaming devices and would sometimes like to enjoy games on the toilet seat or on the bed.


But there’s a solution. There was a utility named PSPDisp made for the psp, which we can run in the ePSP on the vita. PSPDisp is a remote streaming solution for streaming games through the PC to the PSP / Vita

But don’t expect a lot from this, it is mostly only a makeshift solution, although it works pretty good with some setting changes.

So, lets get it on..

Pre-Requisites: To run PSPDisp You’ll need to have the ability to run homebrew on your PSV.

You’ll have to use ARK or TN-V, in my honest opinion TN has given me better results in terms of connection with access points.Although we can not use USB connection on the vita for obvious reasons.

To figure out how to get the pre-requisites ready head over to our PlaystationGuide!

Next you need to obtain PSPDisp itself, You can click this arrow for a direct download




As we cant directly have the program install PSPDisp onto our vita, we’ll have to use manual methods like FTP or sneaking it in a savegame folder, i opted for FTP as i find that more free and comfortable.

So setup your FTP, then head over to Program Files (32-bit) or Program Files-X86 (64-bit), Follow this path ‘\PSPdisp\bin\psp\PSP\GAME’

In the folder present there, named PSPDisp, rename EBOOT.PBP to FBOOT.PBP,  then move the whole folder to /PSP/VHBL on our vita. Also to make this work, you have to follow this guide to install a plugin on TN-V to make homebrews load properly.

Now for the final steps

You need to setup your access point on TN-V in the settings and network options. Connect your pc to the same Wi-Fi. Next You need to paste an .ini file of my working settings. Download it here and paste into C:/Users/<insert username>/AppData/Roaming/PSPdisp

To get the vita ready you have to make Custom Button Assignments from the Accessibility menu in the Settings,  Map Right Stick to D-Pad and make the home button work like PSP through the TN-V recovery menu.



And once youre in TN-V long press home button, press settings on the right of TN-V and make it like this


Also for the TN-V settings, when TN-V is booting up, hold the Right Trigger Youll be put into the TN-V recovery menu, In there go to Advanced and then Configuration and make it like this


After all this is ready , change your PC resolution to 800 x 600 , connect your PSPDisp to the PC, run a game mostly in windowed mode, not all games work in fullscreen with PSPDisp, but I was able to get Portal 2 working in fullscreen.


Also if you want my Control file that works best for me to play games that would require a mouse, you can download it here also if you want a control file for any ‘Indie’ game you can obtain it here, these are the games that don’t usually involve the usage of a mouse, for these you can disable custom button assignments from the Quick menu by Holding the vita home button. Put these control files in the controls folder inside the folder where we pasted the .ini.

Hope you enjoyed this post and some remote play. Although it isn’t as good as VitaRemoteClient, which was a PSM App developed for remote play, but this suffices.

Demolasher36 signing out…


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I love Android, and i love DIY Also i love Graphics and theming stuff Otakudesu ^~^


  1. help. vita pspdisp is showing “connecting to my pc ip” but doesnt show screen.
    my ip starts from 10. instead of 192. can that be a problem???

    • i’ve got win 7 x64 and did disable driver signature but psp disp gives error during installation so installed using win xp compatibility. still getting error

      • Lemme know the error, also you should update, windows 7 is quite… hackable. Also about the IP, if you have set your router IP like that then its not a problem, also how are you connecting? Via router, or via a hotspot on your PC.

  2. please do post a video tutorial. thanks

  3. hi demolasher. the error that i am getting is basically “connecting to my ip” when i select the wlan option in pspdisp setting on vita. the reason i use windows 7 is coz i dont like tiles at all. and it runs fast also x64 seems to have problems with pspdisp specially the digital driver enforcement.
    I connect thru a xfinity router so ip starts with “10.” instead of “192.” in normal routers.
    xfinity has shared routers nationwide (cud that be the reason for not connecting), in that case what method should i use (if there is a ad-hoc method or hotspot do tell)

    also the digital driver thing in win 7 x64, i disable at restart but when i run pspdisp setup it still shows digital driver warning

    • Hey buddy, the driver is only if you have a psp and want to do “extended desktop” the driver isn’t needed for what we’re doing, remote desktop, also did you set the IP in the pspdisp settings? I forgot to include that bit… Also it doesn’t matter what type of router it is or what IP you’re using, unless it’s , then its a problem

  4. yes i did i set the ip thats why when i select wlan option it says “connecting to my ip address” also the pspdisp on pc shows the ip address for vita to connect and i choose the same ip and write it in vita psp disp

    also during setup of pspdisp on pc at this point in cmd (pspdisp_x64.inf) i get the driver enforcement error. does this link to extended desktop or the whole streaming display as well?

    and also when the vita connect to pc does the pspdisp on pc notify of the connection (if notification is set to on)? coz mine doesnt during the “connecting to ip address”

  5. also what is the .ini file for? i just copied it, didnt check it to the place where u mentioned. do i have to do something for it?

  6. i am wondering is it because of the verizon xfinity router. because all xfinity routers are public routers. (u just put ur account name in the router and it will give u ur bandwidth, wherever u are in US)

    • You could try making a hosted network on windows, open cmd as admin then type…

      netsh wlan set hosted network mode=allow ssid=remoteplay key=


      netsh wlan start hostednetwork

      Then in your network and sharing center, you’ll see this new connection pop u

      See to the top left side, ‘Change adapter settings’ will be there, open it

      In there find the adapter which has internet access, right click it, go to properties, then sharing tab, there share this connection and select the hostednetwork in the drop down menu, you have to close and open pspdisp once. Then most prolly it’ll work out , 😀

  7. i see the sharing option and i enable it but it doesnt have any drop down menu. it has a settings option with services list like remote desktop etc. also psp disp shows 2 ip to connect to (192. and 10.) which should i enter in pspdisp on vita as both are showing connecting to ip….

  8. hi Demolasher36. which connection should i add in network settings on TN-V coz i connect with both norma and hosted network and still show the “connecting to my ip (192./10.)” problem. can there be another problem (software?) coz there is not even a connection notification popup

    also i am running thru TNV on vita 3.55.

    cud there be a problem of windows 7 x64 or antivirus/firewall or the pspdisp version being used.


  9. also ur screenshots show the version of pspdisp software different from the one u provided in download link? can different version of pspdisp of vita and pc be a problem?

  10. so does that mean RemoteJoylite also works ? since pspdisp is working

    • Remotejoylite does require the installation of unsigned drivers for which you’ll have to enable test mode on your PC, it has always been working.. Pspdisp too though can’t install unsigned drivers , its on you to enable test mode, for remote streaming pspdisp works, but remotejou will install a controller driver which is unsigned.

  11. Hi Demolasher36. thanks for the help i got it working
    used 0.6.1 version app for pc and 0.6.0 version for the vita
    also replaced ur pspdisp.ini file when app was opened.

  12. regarding that PC streaming tell the developer about [ http://moonlight-stream.com/ ]
    wonderful program….works like a charm on my android mobile (look some YT videos)…… tell him to get that code running for vita…..

  13. I always obtain a Blue Screen Of Death. Can someone help me please ? I am with TN-V11 on 3.51.

  14. I’m Guessing this can’t be used on 3.57 with VHBL?

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