There might be a new PSVita in the works with clickable analog sticks??

It’s been quite some time now since we seen a new version of the PSVita and most of us thought Sony has given up on it. It seems a new patent from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia was just published on January 18th for the PSVita. Now there isn’t anything really new about it other then clickable analog sticks like your DS3 or DS4 controllers and there’s no telling if this will make it to a production line anytime soon.

(19) [issuing country] Japan Patent Office (JP)
(12) [Publication Type] Patent Publication (A)
(11) [Publication No.] JP 2016-7345 (P2016-7345A)
(43) [Published ] January 18, 2016
(54) [Title of Invention game system
(51) [International Patent Classification] approximately (21) [Application Number] Japanese Patent Application No. 2014-129599 (P2014-129599) (22) [filing date] June 24, 2014 (71) [the applicant] [identification number] 310 021 766 [name or name] Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. [domicile or residence] Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 1-chome No. 7 No. 1 [full name or name] Takeshi Aoki (72) [inventor] [name] Taka啄Nobuyuki [domicile or residence] Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 1-chome No. 7 No. 1 Sony Computer Entertainment in the (72) [inventor] [name] Ito sum Masaru [address or whereabouts] Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 1-chome, No. 7 in the No. 1 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. [summary] The present inventionprovides an effective grant to technology the load on the operating unit. A load information acquisition unit 206, the game application, acquires the load information corresponding to the selected object by the user. The drive control unit 208, in accordance with the acquired load information, the first actuator 94a and a second actuator 94b is driven, given that with the load on the analog stick including the operating shaft 157. The load is applied in the direction along the tilt direction of the analog stick may be a tilting direction opposite directions, and may be the same orientation.b29e16c4-s
24481f9c 2913aff5

I guess the PSVita is going to be your new PS4 controller and with the L2 & R2 button grips it will be very close to it in my opinion. What do you think about this and would you get a new PSVita just for clickable analog sticks let us know in the comments below.

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  1. If they would just add L2/R2 buttons!!

  2. They could change the R/L button and use smaller or change for a half R/R2 and half L/L2, would stay at the same size. Strange the picture use the fat ps vita for reference, i would really like if sony finally decided to use the second port for use like a ps tv as they have declined before and produce de actual ps tv

  3. Old… its the design of the Vita 1000… id say this is false

  4. Freakler

    And all new games supporting this would be unplayable on the old systems then? WTF?

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