Qwikrazor87 releases new plugin for TN-V that makes it run homebrew from VHBL folder

Qwikrazor has done it again and this time it’s one of the most useful plug-ins you could have for TN-V on FW3.50/3.51./3.52/3.55. This plug-in allows TN-V to look in the VHBL folder instead of the game folder and it also can play Eboot.pbp, Fboot.pbp, Vboots.pbp, and even Wmenu.bin files.tnv & ark2

This plug-in is every simple to setup, just add the to your folder in MS0: called seplugins or make a folder called seplugins. Then you are going to add this file to it game2vhbl.prx and make a vsh.txt file if you don’t have one already made in your seplugins folder. I will include the vsh.txt file in one of the downloads.tnv plug in copy

Once you have added the files to the seplugins folder now it’s time to turn it on by going into the vsh setting in TN-V by hitting select, or going into the recovery menu.

wpid-20151015_132710 copy

Now just restart vsh and your homebrew or emulators will appear. All of them will work even if they are Fboots, Eboots, Vboots or Wmenu.bin. When you use this plug-in your ISO/CSO files will disappear but they are still here. So if you want to play your ISO/CSO just turn off the game2vhbl plugin and restart the vsh and they will appear.

wpid-20151015_133428 copy

Let’s not forget to thank qwikrazor87 as this wouldn’t be possible, to enjoy these easy to use bubbles and plug-ins. You can donate to him via pay pals here www.paypal.com every little bit show how much we enjoy his work.

Download: game2vhbl

Mirror: includes vsh.text file game2vhbl


Version 2 should fix the corrupt homebrew issue.
Download: game2vhbl V2

Mirror: includes vsh.text file game2vhbl


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  1. i can not get the file game2vhbl.prx on my vita, just getting the folder (seplugins) but not the file.

  2. Javier Monterroso

    it gave me an error, “archivo dañado” with all my HB. and my games not appear.

  3. it wont load for me when i use it i get the little circle in the bottom right corner and it dont load any futher

  4. OMG! Thank you so much,… I already have a working TN-V on my Vita 3.55 thank you so much.

  5. What can tn-v do that ark can’t? I don’t really see any point to it other than the fact that it’s cool.

    • hmmm ps one games with the sound (but not all games works perfectly some of them crushed and a lot of them not working)

  6. I hope they can fix the PSOne sounds, because I tried a PSOne Classic Metal Gear Solid and there is no sound,and tried also Tony Hawk Pro Skate 2 custom EBOOT there is a sound but its like a broken record, do we need popsloader when playing PSX Games?

    • For PS1 sound, that’s the best it’s going to get, since its emulated sound and as nothing to do with TNX or ps1 games in the vita. That is another reason why ark does not have sound.

  7. how do we get ps1 games on 3.55 ?

  8. Ayuda, ni se como hacer esto ni como meter juegos de ps1. alguien puede explicarlo de manera mas detallada? No me entero 🙁

  9. this just seems like a lot of work to have the PSP XMB… i installed TN-V 11 on 3.55 (Which is really easy to do if you have an ARK bubble already) so now I have both but everything i had from before no longer works 🙁 I guess I’ll just use ARK since I don’t have to move anything or constantly switch things around… Props to qwikrazor87 for porting it… just wish it hadn’t been sabotaged by Sony

  10. Can you give us a video tutorial how to do this? and this is my first time going to do this.

  11. Hi whats the difference between Beta game2vhbl and game2vhbl v2?

  12. Not Show my homebrews

  13. could someone tell me how to install plugins…I’m a bit confused.

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