3DS: FW9.8 is now available

It was gonna happen sooner or later, but here it is… the latest and greatest for the 3DS: FW9.8. Not a lot has changed but these days useless firmwares are a dime a dozen. The changelog is as follows:

“Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” AKA Another Useless Firmware!

TitleID Region Title description Title versions Update versions Title status
0004003000008F02 USA Home Menu v19456 N/A Changed
000400DB00017302 USA CVer v9344 N/A Changed
0004013000008002 USA NS system-module v17408 N/A Changed
000400300000CE02 USA mint (eShop applet) v11264 N/A Changed

Total titles sizes: 5494288

SOAP TitleHash: B1C5E21BB0C32F59527D10D680BF176C


This is rather disappointing as no new features will be available. I have tested using old 3DS/3DSXL and I’m sure the N3DSXL is still not supporting FW9.8 on emuNAND. Old 3DS/3DSXL users can safely update to GW9.8 via emuNAND!


Smea has confirmed regionFOUR and other work he has planned will support FW9.8 as well! If you’re above FW9.2 sysNAND update to FW9.8 sysNAND.

I would recommend updating on such systems (If above FW9.2 sysNAND) and take advantage of eShop while access is still available. Download applications and transfer system accounts if need be.

Team Hackinformer signing out!



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