NoSleep Plugin for PSVita

PlayStation Vita plugin developer Nameless Ghoul is back at it again with yet another good one for our PlayStation Vitas.

That’s right, just a couple of hours ago at the time of this writing, Nameless Ghoul changed the game (in my opinion). The man brought us a plugin that gives the Vita a core capability that cell phones and computers have had for years now.

The plugin is called NoSleep and it does what you might think that it does. It tackles the sleep timer’s pesky limit. This way you can have the sleep timer disabled entirely. Nameless Ghoul mentions how helpful for the modders and hackers out there that may need their device to stay awake for extended periods of time depending on what they’re trying to manage or accomplish.

He further mentions that it may be able to fix the issue when a device goes to sleep and does that awful thing where your save data ends up corrupted. However, at this moment in time, that aspect has yet to be tested. It could very well be that those games would just have corrupted data at checkpoints or save screens regardless. If anyone tests a game that is notorious for having corrupt save data after the device falls asleep could send Nameless Ghoul a tweet with their results, that would help us all.

Now there is a caveat to the whole thing and as obvious as it may be to some of you, it still has to be said for the rest of us. Your battery will drain faster. I bolded and italicized it because it’s ultra important. If your device cannot go to sleep, it cannot conserve power. So use this plugin intelligently and only when necessary.

It’s quite easy to install. Start by downloading the plugin that is listed at the bottom of the article. Then you’ll just add the path of the plugin to your taiHEN configuration that is under the *KERNEL section.

To download the plugin right now, click here.

If you would like to visit the github page for it, I got you covered, simply click here.

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  1. We’ve had a method to fix the save data corruption when a game goes to sleep for too long. It works for the vast majority of people who tried it:

    1: Change the Time Format to 12-Hour Clock
    2: Backup and delete “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat” file
    3: Create a folder named “list.dat” Example “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat\”

    • The NoSleep plugin wasn’t created exclusively for the reason of thwarting the save data corruption. It has more uses than helping us not lose our place in certain games. So now people have more than one option at least of not having a save data issue in certain games as well as having their Vitas always on when necessary. Thanks for mentioning this too, this will help those of us who don’t want to use a plugin!

  2. Or you could just easily do this in the registry editor.

    • Now we have 3 ways of accomplishing it! 🙂

      • I don’t get ahead of yourself, it still needs to be confirmed for save corruption and this being a 3rd option but again it’s just a side effect of this nice pluggy. Debugging an app and having to restart the whole process over and over again is a serious pain in the ass, this is going to help a lot.

        • Of course. I should’ve worded it, “So if this plugin does the same, then we’ll have 3 ways of accomplishing it!”. But yeah, I hooe someone can dig deeper and see if it saves is from those dastardly games that were sent out unfinished and then never oatched by the developer(s).

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