Vita: Best Gameboy / GBColor Emulator

Best GB/GBC Emulator masterboy Vs Homers RIN Vs Other?


I was just curious what people think is the best one. Currently I have Masterboy and I like it a lot. Although Homers RIN seems to be popular aswell.

Masterboy is very simple and easy to use and idk…crisp I’d say. It just looks nice. I also like that it has a turbo mode awell. From what it seems it lacks cheat enabling capabilities though.

RIN I have never used but it seems very popular. I also hear it has cheat systems built in? Something I believe Masterboy lacks. I am curious, if it has a turbo mode and any other nice features.

So… Masterboy? RIN? Some other emulator I havent heard of? Which do you like and why?

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