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How To:Overclock, Make Folders, & Use USB on Genesis Mini

Recently we’ve covered True Blue’s Ultra-Drive for Genesis Mini. We’ve also covered both Project Lunar and Hakchi2’s solutions for adding games to your Genesis Mini. Today’s tutorial shows you how to go one step further than adding games. The tutorial covers adding folders, overclocking, and using USB storage. Let’s do …

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How To:Add Games to Genesis Mini with Hakchi2

We’ve covered a lot on our site so far with the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini. From buying a preloaded USB stick from True Blue, to loading games yourself with Project Lunar, to the rise of Hakchi2 CE supporting Genesis Mini now. Well, now we’re at the point where we get …

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How To: Add More Games to Your Sega Genesis Mini with Project Lunar!

Recently, we mentioned that the Project Lunar program that had been in closed beta had now reached it’s 1.0 open beta release. If you’d like to read over that, click here. If you’re already aware of what Project Lunar is and you want to get rolling with it, then you’re …

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Project Lunar for Sega Genesis Mini Released!

How is this not bigger news? Literally more people bought and praised the Sega Genesis Mini than ever did with the PlayStation Classic! Nevertheless, Project Lunar has been released in its 1.0 form. We’ll talk about what it is, what it entails, and soon we’ll have a separate article explaining …

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