Helpful tips on finding a PS4 on 6.72 or a lower firmware!

If you have been following the PS4 homebrew scene you must know that the PS4 has exploits on firmware 4.05, 4.55, 5.05, and recently 6.72. Like others, including myself, I am trying to get my hands on one of these units that can use these exploits.

It seems that the PS4 bundles that are brand new and sealed will be your best bet for either FW. So I have compiled a list of PS4 bundles including their release dates and firmware dates.

Also, a good idea would be to go to the pawnshop and ask for the oldest system that was pawned instead of the most recent one since the most recent could be updated.

This method could weed out which one to get on the lowest firmware or if you’re super nice just ask to check the FW version because you’re looking for a certain one. Make sure to tell them you will buy it once you find it, just so they will know that they will get a sale for the trouble of checking each PS4 they have. 😉

The firmware releases kind of correspond to the release dates of the bundles that I listed. So let’s proceed! And please post below in the comment section the release date and firmware included the bundle if you land a unit running these firmware’s or below, thanks.

Included is a link to all the firmware history, oddly the release date of FW6.72 is not on there but the release date of FW5.01 was on , and FW6.71 was around  June 8th, 2019.

PS4 FW history link: PS4-firmware-history

PS4 fat bundles:

Ps4 fat 500gb Uncharted Nathan Drake collection bundle
Date Released: Oct 9, 2015
Firmware release date: (4.05 or lower, October 25, 2017)

PS4 fat Star Wars battlefront 500gb
Date released: November 17, 2015
Firmware release date: (3.11 November 9, 2015 )or (3.10 October 20, 2015) or lower.

PS4 fat 500gb limited Star wars battlefront console battlefront console with dark Vader on the console. Date released: November 17, 2015,
Firmware and release date:(3.11 November 9, 2015) (Could be on 3.10,

Firmware released on October 20, 2015)PS4 fat 1tb call of duty edition black ops 3 Limited edition bundle
Date released: November 6, 2105
Firmware release date:(3.11 November 9, 2015) or (3.10 October 20, 2015)

PS4 slim bundles:

PS4 limited edition gold edition 1tb
Date released: June 9, 2017
Firmware release date:(4.71 June 23, 2017) or (4.70 May 31, 2017) or (4.55 April 12, 2017) taking a chance with this one.

PS4 slim 500gb Uncharted 4 bundle
Date released: September 15, 2016,
Firmware release date: (4.00 September 14, 2016) or lower

PS4 slim 500gb call of duty infinite warfare bundle
Date released: December 26, 2016
Firmware release date: (4.07 December 18, 2016) could be lower but you are taking a chance on this one!

PS4 1tb Star Wars Battlefront 2 jet black
Date released:11/17/2017
Firmware release date : (5.00 October 6, 2017) (5.01 October 25, 2017)

PS4 1tb limited edition console WWll bundle
Date released: November 3, 2017,
Firmware release date: (5.00 October 6, 2017) (5.01 October 25, 2017)

Limited edition deluxe final fantasy XV
Date released: November 29, 2017,
Firmware release date: (5.00 October 6, 2017) (5.01 October 25, 2017)

PS4 Pro bundles:

God of war Limited edition bundle
Date released: April 20, 2018
Firmware release date: 5.50 March 8, 2018

1tb Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II
Date released: November 14, 2017
Firmware release date: (5.01 October 25, 2017) or (5.0 October 6, 2017)

1tb Limited Edition Console-Destiny 2 Bundle (White)
Date released: September 6, 2017
Firmware release date: 4.72 July 11, 2017  (Firmware 4.74 was released on September 15, 2017)

5.05 & 6.72 firmware, if I’m not mistaken should be on the consoles, since most of these consoles were released weeks, even months after or before any update. As always this info should be taken lightly as some units could be on different FW depending if more were made at a later date. Sadly most of these bundles are discontinued and can be very hard to find, but they still can be found. So Happy hunting!!

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