Atmosphere Updated, with 9.0 Support

Homebrew developer SciresM is back with another update release for his excellent CFW- Atmosphere! Now with firmware 9.0 support, which was released a couple of days ago by Nintendo. The new FW update blocked SX and Atmosphere from running on the Nintendo Switch, but SciresM was quickly able to crack and port atmosphere over to it.


After, doing a few tweaks to Atmospherea 9.0.0 SciresM have noticed Nintendo has changed the way HID state population works, therefore effecting all libnx Homebrew from detecting button inputs which will make playing Homebrew very difficult to function. This problem caused a delay with Atmosphere 0.9.4 from being released.

Homebrew will still have to be recompiled to work on 9.0.0 with libnx. Take a look at the full changelog below.



  • Support was added for 9.0.0.
    • Please note: 9.0.0 made a number of changes that may cause some issues with homebrew. Details:
    • 9.0.0 changed HID in a way that causes libnx to be unable to detect button input.
      • Homebrew should be recompiled with newest libnx to fix this.
      • Atmosphere now provides a temporary hid-mitm that will cause homebrew to continue to work as expected.
        • This mitm will be removed in a future Atmosphere revision once homebrew has been updated, to allow users to use a custom hid mitm again if they desire.
    • 9.0.0 introduced an dependency in FS on the USB system module in order to launch the SD card.
      • This means the USB system module must now be launched before the SD card is initialized.
      • Correspondingly, the USB system module can no longer be IPS patched, and its settings cannot be reliably mitm’d.
      • We know this is frustrating, so we’ll be looking into whether there is some way of addressing this in the future.
    • Please note: 9.0.0 updated the switch’s gamecart controller (“lotus”) firmware.
      • To prevent the burning of lotus fuses, Atmosphere now applies nogc patches when booting into 9.0.0 with fuses below 9.0.0.
      • If you wish to play gamecarts on 9.0.0 (but forever prevent yourself from playing them on < 9.0.0), set nogc = 0 in BCT.ini.
  • An off-by-one error was fixed in bootsystem module’s pinmux initialization.
    • This could theoretically have caused issues with HdmiCec communication.
    • No users reported issues, so it’s unclear if this was a problem in practice.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause webapplet launching homebrew to improperly set the accessible url whitelist.
  • BIS key generation has been fixed for newer hardware.
    • Newer hardware uses new, per-firmware device key to generate BIS keys instead of the first device key, so previously the wrong keys were generated as backup.
    • This only affects units manufactured after ~5.0.0.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.



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