ReiNX updated to support Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0!

First, it was Atmosphere that got updated with 6.2 support for their CFW, now ReiNX one of the most popular CFW for the switch finally gets updated with 6.2 support! Developer Reisyukaku, who created the reinand for the 3DS have updated the ReiNX to 2.0 with full 6.2.0 support.

ReiNXThe CFW also comes with other features such as loading KIP, the homebrew menu via photo album and layeredFS support. There is also patches for installation of unsigned tickets and system modules from atmosphere.

Warning: if you want to enable the Nogc patch, create a blank file “Nogc” (without extension) in the/ ReINX folder.



Insert the folder Reinx in the root of the switch sd card and run ReinX.bin with your favorite fusee launcher.


  • Naehrwert for the hardware initialization code and generally useful!
  • CTCaer and st4rk also for their contribution to the hardware code!
  • SciresM for kernel processes!
  • The community for your support!


  • Upload all KIPs from the folder /ReiNX/sysmodules/
  • Optional custom kernels / secmon / warmboot
  • Predefined kips with exir redir from /ReiNX/title/{t

Not much is written in the changelog Other than 6.2 support, but we will update it later as soon as we get the full run down.


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