For those collector of Rare titles we have you covered

If you are someone like me or the PS Vita rare game hunters, then I got some news for you. Play-Asia has you covered.  In my opinion, they have been number one in this department. Below is a screenshot of some of the rarer physical copies of Vita games out there.

They also have rare PS4 titles on their site. That is not just all. If you happened to have missed grabbing games from Limited Run when they did their sales, Play-Asia also carries those titles. They also have their own PLAY EXCLUSIVE games that cannot be found anywhere else.

The holidays are right around the corner, If you are trying to find a game for the gamer in your life, check out Play-Asia.

If you have questions, hit us up and we can help you navigate the site if needed. Until next time, mgs2master2 out!



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