Switch- PSNES & PFBA Emulators updated with openGL support!

The developer Capjuste have pushed out another update to one of his most solid emulators for the Switch console-Psnes v2.1! Just like Pfba, Psnes comes in the same graphical interface along with Joycon support for two player games and save states.PSNES & PFBA

Another added bonus is that you can apply various video filters to enhance the overall graphics of each image, giving it a fresh modern look! Title images can be put into the preview folder, but it would have to match the name of the file in order for it to show in the game selection menu. Game cheats can also be applied as well which is detailed below. Take a look at the changelog below and the features.

pSNES – OpenGL on the switch

Installation for Nintendo Switch:

copy the “psnes” directory to the “/ switch /” directory on sdcard
copy the roms to the “/ switch / psnes / roms /” directory on sdcard



  • fixes the major slowdown after a few seconds of use (thanks
  • corrects the loading of the save states
  • Corrects the screen not completely erased on the boot ROM (avoids waste)
  • removed the black edges fit, fit 4/3 and full-screen modes
  • added the fps counter option
  • added the “high resolution” option, to be enabled only if really necessary (for example the secret of the mana menus) as it affects the performance
  • updated to the latest snes9x.git

Cheat format:

Example of game codes “Super Mario World (USA) .cht”
name: UnlimitedJumps
code: 3E2C-AF6F
name: 99Lives
code: 14B4-6F07

pFBA 2.0 – OpenGL on the switch

  • use OpenGL for rendering, which allows some nicer UI effects, and of course, more power (thanks armada, fincs, subv… for there work on mesa/nouveau)
  • point filtering can now be used in any rendering size
  • add a few libretro shaders (retro-v2, scanlines, pixellate, crt easymode, crt geom, sharp bilinear, sharp bilinear scanlines, sabr v3, xbrz, supereagle). Note that some shader will work better in integer scaling (2x, 3x), and some will have a better effect with linear filtering (sharp bilinear). Also, some are very intensive (crt geom, sabr, xbrz) and may not work fullspeed in some emulators (pSNES).
  • add fps counter option


Psnes 2.1-switch.zip



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