Nintendo Switch Goplay Gripstand review!

There have been a lot of great welcoming accessories for the Nintendo Switch. Since it made its debut last year, some of these accessories have been a carrying case and the much-needed screen protector. One such item is a grip of some sort. Goplay has seemed to discover this.


Like all handhelds, Comfortability has always been a top priority. The ergonomics and the weight of the Switch have always been one of my major gripes while in portable mode. Often times I experienced thumb cramps later throughout the day due to playing the switch in portable mode. So If you always have your Switch undocked and preferred the portable feature, then the official Licensed Nintendo Goplay Gripstand Pack is for you. There is actually a pack that comes with a carrying case, but in this review, I will only be touching on the Gripstand.


A friend of mines let me borrowed his Goplay Gripstand. After a short period of time, I felt the comfortability factor of utilizing it. The Gripstand fits tightly around the Switch and provides rubber grip handles for each joycon. I also had no problems accessing the shoulder buttons either. The Gripstand is made out of a hard sturdy plastic and comes in black, the rubber padding around the handles provides more added protection for accidental drops since the joycons are quite fragile.


Believe it or not, the Gripstand takes the weight off of your hands and makes long playing sessions more enjoyable. My thumb cramping was gone! One of the downsides to the Gripstand is that the Switch cannot be docked while the Gripstand is equipped, that really is the only downsides of it and nothing else.


I also noticed that the Gripstand does not obstruct the micro Sd slot, the Game slot, headphone input, and the Switch clip stand. The Gripstand also sits on any flat surface, eliminating the need for the clip stand. Finally, it also does not get in the way of you removing the Joycons for those that like to play in wireless mode as well.



Overall the Goplay Gripstand is a must-have accessory, especially for portable gaming. You can pick up the Goplay Gripstand at any of the retailers below. I also posted links for the traveler pack that includes the carrying bag.

Nintendo Switch Goplay Gripstand Pack
Gripstand only:



Nintendo Switch Goplay Game Travelers Pack.




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