Sony will soon end production of Vita game cartridges

The news may come as of bittersweet, but Sony has announced that they will no longer produce physical Vita game cards for the Vita. This comes as no surprise since Sony stated a couple of years back that they are no longer focusing on the vita and have shifted there focus on The Ps4 due to the impact of mobile gaming.Vita

The vita which launched in 2012 had high hopes of a next-generation console on the go, but expensive proprietary memory cards and a high price point doomed the system coming out of the gate. What was more damaging was that big gaming studios were slowly dropping support for the advance handheld.

Even though the system gained great support in Japan, North America and other territories showed little support for the handheld system. By the close of March 2019, all production of vita game cards will come to an end. Sony says that it will continue to support the console digitally through the PlayStation Store. If you still purchase physical copies of vita games, you may want to continue before Sony pulls the plug soon.

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