Pre orders are open for the Switch SX Pro & SX OS by Team Xecuter

Today team Xecuter announced more details in regards to there Xecuter SX dongles for the Nintendo Switch. They also more importantly listed the price for both products on their site. One site which is a partner of Xecuter had the dongles up for sale but sold out quickly. The details for each dongle is explained below.

The Xecuter SX Pro which cost 34.95 comes with a USB dongle and is said to only have to be used once to run the mod which is quite interesting. Both products are compatible with all firmware, regions, and real-time game switching. The Xecuter OS costs 24.95 and requires the tools to run the mod, it’s not really noted if the dongle is included with the OS version but More details will be revealed shortly.

Most sites have already started preorders and the early birds will get there’s on June 15. You can find a list of resellers below that will have both versions as soon as more details on preorders are announced. Stay tuned to Hackinformer for more info.


Updated FAQ

Q: Can I update the Switch to the latest FW?
A: Yes, updating is OK. Our products are compatible with all FW and Switch in all regions.

Q: How do I activate the backup game ROM? What format is good for ROM?
A: The game ROM can be used as it is released by the release group so far.
If you copy the XCI file to the Switch microSD card root, the SX OS will recognize it.

Q: How does RCM jig and USB dongle work? Is it necessary again after turning off the Switch?
A: If you do not want to modify the Switch in terms of hardware or software, you need them.
The SX OS has “AutoRCM” function, and installing that function makes RCM jig unnecessary at Switch startup.

Q: How does the AutoRCM function work?
A: The AutoRCM function adds a little effort to onboard storage (internal eMMC). After installing this function,
you only need to prepare a USB dongle when starting Switch. (You do not have to press the button for starting RCM.) If
AutoRCM function is installed, just use USB dongle or other currently available USB-C boot method.
When starting SX OS, AutoRCM function can be uninstalled at any time.

Q: Is the license indefinitely? Also, can I receive future updates of SX OS?
A: Yes, the update is free, the deadline is until your Switch’s lifetime runs out.

Q: Is SX OS associated with my USB dongle or Switch body?
A: Yes. For SX Pro, the license applies to the dongle and Switch body.
For SX Lite, the license is applied to the Switch body as a license code.

Q: Is it possible to play e-shop games?
A: Only the cartridge base game can be played with the current version of SX OS.
However, we are committed to making game titles from media other than cartridges playable in the same way.
This will be added to the product feature list by future updates.

Q: How does the SX OS work?
A: The files and licenses for starting the SX OS can be DLed from a website that will be available soon.
Setup will be completed within a few minutes if you follow the instructions.

Q: What if I purchase only SX OS?
A: We recommend purchasing SX Pro for easy and safe use.
However, even with SX OS only, TegraRcmGUI (TegraRcmSmash) for Windows and
USB – OTG cable for Android are required, but you can start SX OS by using NXLoader.
We will provide support and indemnity to your device, but please be aware that problems arising when taking other methods are not eligible for compensation.

Q: Is it possible to start Linux using SX OS?
We are planning to release a way to start Linux using SX Pro’s USB dongle immediately.

Q: Do I need to switch game ROM with L / R button of Joy-Con?
A: We are developing a more user-friendly menu that can be activated from the home menu.
We have completed a menu of prototypes that will function without any problems, but we are still working on improving for users.

Q: Is SX OS able to start Homebrew?
A: Homebrew’s support for all FWs will not be offered at the initial release stage.
Currently, only FW 3.0.0 supports basic functions for installing Homebrew.
Since development for starting Homebrew regardless of version is in the final stage, we plan to provide this in the first update of SX OS.




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