Shedding Light on fellow Vita developers!

There have been a lot of great homebrew out there that we have had the benefit of enjoying them on our Gadgets. The devs that stay up countless hours at night making time between their studies and family to allow us to get the most out of the gadgets that we love and sometimes not getting the gratitude that they deserve.

Remember they are doing this for free and like everyone else’s, There time is also valuable. This brings me to Fellow Developer Rinnnegatamante, who has given us great homebrew apps such as the Vita homebrew browser, A Quake port for the Vita, Retro live Area and rincheat and others. All of which is available for the Ps Vita. The most recent project that he is now working on is Called VitaWolfen a port of the classic game Wolfstein 3D that looks pretty damn impressive.

Through countless hours and may I say not an easy feat, Rinnnegatamante has been working on a program for the Vita called Vita GL. Vita GL is a program that brings accelerated open GL to our Ps vitas in which in turn gives us HW ports of games and advanced acceleration of 3D games! This has allowed him to port over projects such as Quake and Wolfstein to the Ps vita.

The possibilities are endless, maybe an N64 emulator is on its way. Only time will tell!
Rinnnegatamante has given the homebrew community a lot, and all we can hope for is more greatness from him. He is truly pushing the Vita to its limits with the work he has brought to the Vita scene.

So again appreciate these devs that spend countless hours giving us marvelous programs to use on our gadgets. If you appreciate his work and want to support him, drop by his site and drop a donation! He has a lot of homebrew and programs that he’s been working on.

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