SNES9XTYL gets updated for PSVita!

The snes9xtyl emulator has been updated again.Also with steady support for Ark, VHBL and Adrenaline. Developer esmjanus have been pumping out steady updates with improvements of each release.

The Snes emulator for Ark and VHBL offers fair emulation and since the snes9xtyl have been ported to the VHBL and Ark, it’s still difficult to get some games to run full speed with sound due to the media engine not implemented in Ark or VHBL.

Developer esmjanus have followed up with his new release that has a great amount of improvements, it’s always nice to see the Snes9xtyl updated for the older custom firmware whether it’s Ark or VHBL. Let’s take a look at the major changes, shall we?The major changes are highlighted in blue. A big thanks go to theheroac for reporting this release.


• Five rendering modes:
• Mode0: Optimized for Snes9x,
• Mode1: Original for Snes9x
• Mode2: hardware acceleration (using PSP GU)
• Mode3: Adaptive Mode 2 + Mode 1 representation (default)
• Mode4: Adaptive 2 + Mode0 rendering mode, this version supports almost all Snes graphics effects accelerated with PSP hardware. Except for offset mode and 7 mode.
• . For the moment some graphic defects remain
• Zipped ROM support.
• -IPS patch file (must be the same name as the game with .IPs extension: SOE.ZIP => SOE.IPS) compressed in saves with small screenshots.
• Self-rescue of SRAM on the change of a game, exit or recovery
• Autoskip.
• Gamma correction.
• Support -V-Sync.
• SDD1 encrypted rom (Star Ocean, Street Fight Alpha 2, …) -SA1 (slow), SuperFX (slow), support C4, DSP1.
• Sound frequencies: 22Khz, 32kHz, 44kHz.
• Multiple stretching modes with or without
• Battery information.
• 222,266,300 & 333Mhz of PSP frequency.
• Capture a snapshot during a game. It takes a snapshot while you are in a game (with a graphical interface).


• Fixed Brawl Brothers
• Added support for extended height. To use it, disable Render PAL as an NTSC option in the VIDEO menu. It will increase lines to 240 on NTSC games that need it, for example, Daisenryaku Expert. **
• Added a temporary quick solution to create the S9XTYLSAVES folder in the / PSP / SAVEDATA directory. For some reason, it was not created automatically. **

Click here to download the latest version.



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