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Recently, if you remember, I made an article about RetroGamingArts and their site being a good place to buy modchips in 2018. Well, I thought I would do it again, this time with flash carts. Stone Age Gamer sent me a set of BitBox cases, a Powerbase miniFM, and an Everdrive GB X7 flash cart that I recently reviewed. I thought that I’d write up the whole site here to give you a better idea of all of the flash carts they have. I won’t be going over everything that they have on their site, however. That’s easy enough for you to do.

Console Flash Carts:

There are many flash carts for consoles that exist on the Stone Age Gamer website. As to what the future will hold in terms of flash carts in terms of revisions remains to be seen. But the current lineup of console carts is no small feat. Take a look below at all of the Krikzz created carts that Stone Age Gamer has to offer.

  1. Neo-Geo MVS and Neo-Geo AES: Because Neo-Geo games are tremendously expensive, this flash cart has to exist. It’s partly due to limited stock, partly due to scalpers, partly due to degradation over time. These factors should scare you and then you should buy one of these and breathe a sigh of relief. Even if you already own every Neo-Geo game somehow, this will help you further protect your valuable assets by allowing you to never have to play the originals!
  2. Genesis/Mega-DriveSega fanboys and fangirls should wrap their Sonic loving paws around this cartridge! There are dozens and dozens of fantastic Genesis/Mega-Drive games out there that swapping all of them out all of the time would be a tragedy in this day and age. It makes far more sense to have your shelf of beloved Sega games backed up and running on this Everdrive.
  3. NESWith the sheer number of games that exist for this system, the Everdrive for the NES is a no-brainer. This is especially true if you’re using a front loading North American NES. Those pins would bend or cause other issues. So this makes sense just to put it in once with every game you’ve got on the Everdrive and never have to swap carts again.
  4. Famicom: There may actually be more Famicom games in existence since it started before the NES and ended after the NES. And for that, having this Famicom Everdrive may just be the smartest idea that you’ve had all day!
  5. SNES/Super FamicomThere are actually a few different options that exist on their site for this specific system. There is an Everdrive for the SNES/Super Famicom, but it cannot play every game. The SD2SNES option is a collaborative effort betweet Krikzz and ikari. It can play a load more games than the Everdrive, but still not all games, and it’s more expensive. Here is a comprehensive explanation of what plays what.
  6. Nintendo 64The Nintendo 64 only had a couple hundred games in the United States, there were other regions that had games that we didn’t get. Why not be able to play your whole collection and some import titles as well?! This is the best way to have all of your Nintendo 64 titles in one place and also have a bonus NES emulator to boot!
  7. TurboGrafx16/PC EngineGranted, I don’t have much knowledge on the subject of the TurboGrafx16/PC Engine. But what I do know is that you’ll never have to get up and swap those thin game cards ever again with one of these Everdrives! It’s got to be so hard not to lose cards all over the place. To me it makes a lot more sense to have everything on one card and leave it in.
  8. Sega Master SystemAh yes, the Sega Master System. Gone but not forgotten. And I’m willing to bet that having every game on one cart makes you want to pull the SMS out of it’s storage box and have it on display. What’s better than just having it on display? Playing all of those games on one cart, is what’s better! Especially because with this Everdrive you have saves supported and you can also play this on the Game Gear using the Master Gear Converter!

Handheld Flash Carts:

  1. GameboyI did a review over this cart, you can read all about it here!
  2. Gameboy ColorThis is the same cart as the Gameboy cart that I did a review of. If you put it into your GBC/GBA, you’ll be able to play all GBC and GB games! Again, if you’re interested, read the review I linked to on the sentence above.
  3. Gameboy AdvanceThis is the same concept as the other Gameboy Everdrive. The concept here is that all of your carts that you’d normally have to find a way to transport with you are all on one cart now. This enables you to leave the cart in the Gameboy Advance for good! This will also work in the Gameboy Advance Player for Gamecube!
  4. Game GearThe Game Gear, unless you have the battery pack, is pretty much a home console anymore. The thought that you’d be able to have enough batteries to last long enough to enjoy games is almost laughable. The screen itself is dingy and hard to see unless you have the video mod done. However, if you’re someone who is a Game Gear purist and has a battery back and the improved screen, then you should also throw your money at this Everdrive. It’s the last piece of the pie to make your Game Gear what it should be.
  5. Sega Nomad: The Nomad is basically just a portable Sega Genesis as it was only released in North America. So if you happen to have bought the Sega Master System Everdrive and a Master Gear Converter, you can play Sega Master System Games on it. Also, if you bought the Sega Genesis Everdrive you can play Genesis/Mega-Drive games on it! The Genesis Everdrive also supports Sega Master System games if you don’t have a Sega Master System to play on.

What’s to Come for Stone Age Gamer:

Soon enough Stone Age Gamer will have a new and improved website! If you’re a visitor to their site you’ll see that things like customizations for the different shell colors and label options will be much easier. They’ll also be adding new products to the website as well. This includes, but probably isn’t limited to; LCD modified Gamegears, Gamecube HDMI adapters, and an updated Everdrive for the Sega Master System. If you were going to get a Sega Master System Everdrive right now, it may be worth holding off if you want to wait for the following features. The newer Master Everdrive will be a full-fledged higher end version meaning that it will support save states. That also means that games will load faster than before! So stay tuned on the Stone Age Gamer front if you’re interested in any of this!

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