Nintendo Switch: Atmosphere-NX

If you have been following the switch scene, then you know about the exciting homebrew that awaits you. Developer SciresM, also known for his contributions on PKHeX has been certainly busy with his consistent work on Nintendo Switch. His passion for Pokemon has fueled his desire to get additional groundwork ready for when Nintendo releases the console version of Pokemon we always wanted.

With this goal in mind, he has opened up his ambitious project dubbed Atmosphere-NX on Github. This is a CFW in the works for the Nintendo Switch that will be completely open sourced. Normally work like this is not done in public eyes but you can check out the progress of this project as it matures.

The support for the Nintendo Switch is amazing and I’m anticipating a healthy homebrew community with so many people and teams involved with various projects. 2018 is off to good start and let us know about your thoughts in the comments.


Team Hackinformer signing out

source: Twitter & GBAtemp

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