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Homebrew Launcher for the Nintendo Switch released!

Anyone that has a Switch with firmware 3.0.0, today is the day you’ve been patiently waiting for, more Homebrew options and last month Pluto said he was going to release a Homebrew launcher for firmware 3.0.0.

He said around February 1st he would like to release it but like always, life throws you a few curves. So he couldn’t release it on February 1st like he wanted to but he said he was going to finish it and today is that day.

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Now Homebrew is still very limited on the Switch and what options we have available to run on it but with this being available it should help get the ball rolling a little bit quicker.

If you’d like to run Homebrew on your Nintendo Switch this is the only available option at the moment is firmware 3.0.0. If you’re beyond that firmware you’re just going to have to wait for one of these coldboot hacks to be released or maybe even team xecutor with their modchip that they’re working on.

To get everything up and running on your Switch with FW3.0.0 visit the link below..


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