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failOverflow shows off what a Nintendo Switch can really do..

Team failOverflow never lets you down when it comes to console hacks and showing them off. If any of you been following the Switch scene you’ll know there has been talk about a bootrom hack and they’ve been shown off numerous times. Even the reswitch team has a POC of their own bootrom hack, here’s a super quick YouTube video below by ktemkin.

Now when you see the YouTube video, you’re like, great progress.. awesome. Then team failoverflow got to step it up one notch and show us Linux running on the Nintendo Switch. Once you watch the quick video below you’ll probably feel like you want to pick up a Switch pretty soon and if you watch the video really good, they even tweeted to ktemkin on the Switch “not bad” for their POC bootrom hack. Now, for users that are already on FW300, I recommend you stay there as none of these will be released anytime soon but it’s great seeing what a little bit of effort and hard work can really do to a console.


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