Hakchi 2 for SNES Classic will feature compression!

Today we got yet another update from Cluster_M the mastermind behind hakchi2. You might remember that we reported a few days back about all of the progress that Cluster_M has made thus far on hakchi2 for the SNES. If not, feel free to give that a read here so that you can be caught up. But all in all, this man is making tremendous progress at crazy fast speeds. So what did he give us today? Compression, sweet and juicy compression. Press play on the tweet below to see it in action.

Why does this matter so much? Well, it’s mainly because of the fact that Nintendo is using pretty much the same boards in the SNES Classic as they did in the NES Classic (see picture below). That ultimately means that we’re stuck with a top value of 300MB’s of space available to write to using hakchi2. With compression, you will be able to fit more SNES roms of your choosing onto the board, or other games of course since RetroArch will be usable as well just like the NES Classic (if all goes to plan, of course).

We do not know at this moment in time how small the compression will make the files of course. My guess is that he is trying to make it so that if one were to want then entire SNES collection on their SNES Classic, they could do so, but I have to stress to you that this is just a guess we do not know for certain. If the games are heavily compressed will this cause longer load times for decompression on the SNES Classic? Will it run them compressed instead and increase load times? Only time will tell and you’ll find out here first.

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