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UPDATED! Convert SNES Roms to SNES Classic format

If you remember, a few days back we reported on how much progress Cluster_M, hakchi2 developer, was making on his project in terms of the SNES Classic. If you didn’t happen to catch the article, no worries, we have it here for you. But one of his landmark tweets that he posted was that he discovered that the SNES ROMS that Nintendo uses was inherently different than the ROMS that you may have backed up for your games at home. So clearly that means that we needed a converter to change our .SFC files to the SNES Classic file type, .SFROM. Well today, Cluster_M tweeted out the conversion script that he was using, made by Alex Page.

But that’s not all, his Twitter followers had some questions for him that he gladly answered that shined some light on other aspects of the conversion and how it fits into the SNES Classic version of hakchi 2.

So as you can see, his hakchi2 (maybe hakchi3) release with SNES Classic support will have built-in conversion of the ROMs. However, you can download the python script right now and convert all of your SNES ROMs to the .SFROM format to be ready for the official release and save time once it’s out. And hopefully, it will support patched ROMs so that you can run translations or built-in hacks.


A couple of tweets have come out from Cluster_M that you should absolutely see!

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