Star Fox 2 bootleg cartridges for the original SNES are popping up for sale

It didn’t take long to extract the Starfox ROM from inside the SNES Classic mini. This was even done before the release on Friday, Reddit user s3phir0th115 even extracted it and tested it on a SNES DEV cart to see if it would work on the original. He was successful with his test and the game ran without any problems on the original Super Nintendo.Star Fox 2

With the games being so popular someone has actually put it on a SNES cartridge and are now selling them on eBay. They are taking advantage of an opportunity that the game is exclusive to only the SNES classic and collectors that would like the game for their original Super Nintendo cartridge collection. I mean it’s not a bad price for what it’s listed at on eBay but there may be some legal ramifications to selling a Nintendo game like this even though it would be considered a clone of the game.Star Fox 2The seller on eBay actually has four different types of cases for the Starfox 2 game but I’ve only found one for sale which is already sold. Now if you have your own way of extracting the game and putting it on a SNES cartridge and adding it to your collection, I don’t see any problems with that but selling the game that’s a different story.Star Fox 2

I’m just surprised how fast everything has been done, from dumping the game, then getting it on a cartridge and putting it on eBay. Now the people that have no way of actually doing this themselves this isn’t a bad thing to buy and put in your collection it just raises a lot of legal questions and if you did buy one you wouldn’t get in trouble the seller would have all the problems. All said and done it is pretty neat and does look really cool like it’s the real thing you can check it out here on eBay.–Starfox-2-Cart-Professional-vinyl-labelStar Fox 2

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