Star Fox 2 & Emulation: What does it work with?

While Star Fox 2 (which is exclusive to the SNES classic) now available to play if you own a SNES Classic, it begs the question as if you will be able to play without the SNES classic. This also asks the question as to if the game can run on any other device outside of the SNES Classic with no issues (in terms of emulating it).

It has already been tested and confirmed that Star Fox 2 will run just fine on an original SNES. It has been so successful to a point that sellers on eBay decided to make this a profitable adventure.  That does not sit well with me personally. You spend 80 dollars on a classic (well classic throwback) device… just to spend most likely 80+ dollars (after bidding wars) to get a cart with said rom. It is time to test to see what it will successfully work on without any issues. This will be an ongoing updated article, so check often to see what gets updated and if you want to contribute to the list, leave a comment with what you have it working on. We will update the list after we are able to replicate it.

Here is the list of what has been tested so far and the success rate:

  • Reproduced on a SNES cart and on an original SNES = Success with no errors
  • PC = Success with no errors
  • Raspberry Pi (any model) = Success with no errors
  • New Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 2DSXL (via R4 emulation card) = Loads, audio but no video

  • New Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 2DSXL (via SNES Injection apps) = Does not work. App gives error prompt

  • Xbox (original Xbox) via emulation = Does not work
  • Xbox 360 via emulation = Does not work
  • Android phones (tested on newer devices from 2016-2017) via emulation: Success with no errors

Update (10/1/2017):

  • PSP GO via emulation = Loads but does not run properly. It will either jump too many frames or be laggy to the point of unplayable. 


  • PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV with FW 3.60 and an early ver. of the SNES emulator SNES9XVITA (snes9xVITA.vpk) = IT WORKS WITH SOME SOUND ISSUES.

As more tech devices are tested, this will be updated. It seems the issue is the Super FX Chip. Most emulators are built with the consideration of the Super FX Chip in it, which causes the error results. If you test a device, leave a comment and we will update the list after testing on our end.

Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!

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  1. Hey great job! I had the same idea. Try to lower the sound quality to see if it fixes sound issues.

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