PSVita: Error code E-80558325 on Ensō & HENkaku when accessing PSN downloads

HENkaku permanent patch ENSO has just released a few hours ago. So far everything was running great with the release of ENSO and a lot of us did not start seeing any problems with PSN maybe an hour or two after the release (at least for me), or even less than for others or even before the release some say.

I know all of us immediately ran right to Google to look up this error code (e-80558325) the PSVita keeps giving us when we try to download a game, app or theme. Right now, there is no real answer to why this is happening, most of the post out there you will find talk about system activations, bad memory cards, and transferring games which come back down to some type of activation. All my Vita’s on FW3.65 are working just fine on PSN downloading games.

I’m just guessing here and hope it’s just a simple mistake when ENSO getting released and some wrong file got put here or there as even HENkaku is doing the same thing when trying to download a game from PSN. Let’s hope it’s just a simple fix on Sonys end and not what any of us might think it could be ( I will not say it, knock on wood ) as this key, has been around for a while and if you remember we did lose PSN access for a little bit but Team Molecule got it back for us. Like right now it could be the PSVita activator giving invalid information which gives us this error code and it could all be Sony fault.

As soon as we know more we will update this post and please share in the comments if it’s happening to you, in your region, or it’s not happening to you.


Also, E-80558325 activation error does not seem to be related to ensō or Henkaku but might affect all hacked Vitas. Don’t deactivate your Vita.

Uptdate via 

On 7/29/2017, all hacked Vitas on 3.60 spoofing the latest firmware (3.65) were blocked from console activation. This is particularly odd because the PSN passphrase did not change in 3.65. Additionally with the release of ensō added to the confusion of what happened. Here is the result of a preliminary investigation of the situation.

Upon game activation, the Vita displays a dialog that shows the error number.E-80558325 This error number is used in,SceNpKdc which is found in.vs0:external/np_kdc.suprx The error code itself is created when the activation response is received:

v5 = v45 | 0x80558300;

There are at least two possible ways. First is that on 3.65, the random-looking data block has some specific structure that Sony looks for (or some console unique data in this block gives away the fact that the console is on 3.60). Second is that they changed the SHA1-HMAC key. If it is the latter case, then the next step is to find how this key is constructed. It is likely that the key is constructed in F00D and therefore spoofing it would require a F00D hack.


  • Activation block is unrelated to ensō and Sony likely decided to implement this patch on 7/29 specifically to confuse users.
  • Bypassing this block might be possible with more investigation, but there has to be work done (I won’t have the time to do it).
  • If you have a 3.60 Vita that is already activated, you should back up. tm0:npdrm/act.dat To your computer as soon as possible!

You can find out, even more, details on how Sony is blocking FW3.60 users here.

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  1. Same problem here. With HENKaku it was all fine, with Enso i get this error.

  2. I have the same error with enso. It happened with Gravity Rush and Talkman Travel Tokyo. First it said something about wifi off so I turned it on since ps store worked fine with henkaku I thought it needed a game update. Then I got the error message when starting the game.

  3. Has nothing to do with enso. Was getting the error before I installed it

  4. 1: What causes this error? Only content downloads or specific contents?
    2: Risks of ban? If yes, in which cases? What avoid to be safe?

  5. Update: I didn’t read the previous update.
    Anyway, we have to wait I think. It’s not henkaku or enso fault. But of Sony mofo.
    Now we can’t download anything I guess.

    Can i access to my psn account without risks? It’s the only think I wanna know

  6. PoliteTimesplitter

    So, apparently – I don’t want to run a ban risk by testing it myself – you can also no longer copy Vita content (PSP / Vita / PS1 classics games) from a PS3 to a Vita, unless it’s already installed on said Vita.

    So for those of us who already had activated Vitas, Sony tried to get us to update and go legit by…removing our ability to buy games off PSN :V

  7. The last week I was buying the One Piece Butning Blood Gold Edition and I’m download the games an dlc fine , so maybe is a temporal problem or is only again henkaku user I have 3.60 hr10

  8. yifanlu said in the summary that whoever has a psv with 3.60 and henkaku should back up to their pc .. well i trust this mate but does someone care to explain why ? should i back up the file quoted as well ?

    • PoliteTimesplitter

      If you are deactivated for any reason – having to restore your vita, for example, and some people are reporting being deactivated for being connected to PSN via wifi – then you will be unable to use your downloaded PSN games, and hence you won’t be able to use a PSP game for ARK or Adrenaline. If you are deactivated but have a backup – act.dat and the two registry files – then you can simply put them back in and you’ll be reactivated, and able to use ARK, Adrenaline, and all digital games.

      • oh, you meant these two ?


        i saw them yesterday in the github thread .. thanks for the info mate !!!!

        • PoliteTimesplitter

          Yup, those are the 2 files – backup those and act.dat – I have one folder on my PC for them and another on ux0 – and you should be okay to reactivate if it does happen, but you can avoid deactivation by staying off PSN.

  9. Can you use someone else’s back up files? I didn’t know about this issue and now I think I’m screwed.

  10. Jho i restored my vita and changed accounts now my vita is deactivated.
    i no longer have the dat file. i am unable to activate it. i unable to use my themes. eish

    luckily i unlinked my memory card so i am still able to use it. i can still use my digital downloaded games atleast and use remote play.

    i am unable to use Adrenaline 🙁

    could my account be banned for using remote play?

  11. Ok i notice that you can still use games downloaded to another memory card. I have an PS TV on 3.65 yeah I know poor me lol but lucky at the same time. You can download anything to the ps tv and just swap cards. I was frustrated cause I honestly have my PS Vita mostly for retro emulator i like it more than my psp it just looks better in my opinion so i did the enzo update and joy joy i almost never used ps vita for ps vita games but Humble Bundle had a sale for $1 that included civilization and xcom so i got it and all excited found I couldn’t download games no more and I couldn’t find works around. So i downloaded the games in my ps tv and well doesn’t run there i was piss to the point i almost restore my vita to play those game but before i did i decide to try just putting my ps tv card on my hack vita and boom they works. So theres at least one way to play your games. So from this point foward until a new hack comes to fix this i have one memory card for official gmaes and one for my roms im sure you can used the same card but i only have two 8gb. Hopes this helps to those few lucky that hacve more than one vita system with at least one running official firmware.

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