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PSVita: How to buy your own SD2Vita PCB boards

A few weeks ago we got to see the first working micro SD card adapter for the PSVita using HENkaku. Since then quite a few people have been making their own with the designs by xyz and motoharuthat, that they made public for anyone to make themselves.SD2Vita

Electronics Engineering Technologist Gadorach, did just that and made his own version of the SD2Vita board. Gadorach went over the design of the original one released by xyz & motoharuthat and made a few adjustment/improvements, that even Yifan and xyz both recommend using his design over the original.

Gadorach updates include the removal of test-points to prevent shorts, full VIA tenting, for the same reason, proper SMD structural pad relief, re-connection of the INS signal line (Card Detect), and just general updates to make it less expensive and simpler to produce. The increased trace widths and VIA sizes make it possible to make my design at home, though it’s still recommended to have it manufactured.

Download: Gadorach SD2Vita design

Now, Gadorach has shared this project on pcbway.com so anyone can order it. Just click on the small box below to order yours.

PCB from PCBWay


You can see they are very inexpensive to order them but shipping, on the other hand, could be expensive depending on where you live. Plus how fast do you want to get them and how many you want, even though 50 of them are really cheap imp but you will have to order the mSD sockets yourself and solder them into the board, which is real easy. You can get Micro SD card sockets really cheap at Newegg here.

Then with Enso, the permanent vita HENkaku solution, on its way (7/29/17 that what they said) this would be the perfect time to buy a few of them.

Just like to say thanks to Gadorach for taking his time to update the design and to make sure everyone can get the SD2Vita adapter.



If you don’t want to solder them yourself, we are selling them pre done, click here to order yours…

SD2VITA Adapter Order Form





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  1. Good news for those in the US: You can order 10 adapters for $5, shipping via ePacket delivery is $8. There is a bank fee of $1, but you can use a free coupon to cancel it out.

    Total cost: $13

    Now I wonder how long it’ll take someone to upload a solid design for the psvsd by yifanlu… I suppose that will depend on when the design is finalized!

    • UPDATE: I have received my order from PCBway and they included an extra adapter at no cost. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I have 11. Now all I need to do is solder on some microSD slots and I’ll be good to go.

      When I originally realized I was only getting the PCB and no microSD slots, it was well after I placed my order. Yeah, I was a little bummed out, but in retrospect I’m glad I went with PCBway to get my SD2Vita adapters… eBay has SD2Vita adapters for cheap, but it’s flooded with inferior quality adapters. None of them that I’ve seen use Gadorach’s design either…. Just some food for thought for those on the fence with PCBway…

      Bottom line is, if you know how to solder and you’re not buying via PCBway, you’re either really lazy or just don’t care about superior design. It really is the way to go.

  2. i have 3.65 version, can use henkaku with this sd?

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