Where to buy the PSVita 1000 L2/R2 grips for $45 dollars

The L2/R2 button grips for the PSVita 1000 model haven’t been on sale in a long time at most online retailers. Unless you go to eBay or Amazon and pay over a $100 for them you’re not going to get a set of this grips. The reason why we haven’t seen other companies like Hori make them is that the 1000 model is a dead system and there’s no more of them being made, unlike the 2000 model which seems to get a new color every other year in Japan.

Now JOETSU Electronics still has the L2/R2 button grips for the PSVita 1000 for sale but not at retailers we are used to. Since JOETSU Electronics is a Japanspne company they do sell them on their Yahoo store.L2/R2 grips


Now, this is where you need to pay attention because you can get this shipped oversea’s and it’s still not going to cost you $100 or what ebay or Amazon sellers want for them.

At the top of the page, you will see four orange boxes pick the one that says Oversea customers, click here to buy this item.

L2/R2 grips

You will be redirected to Buyee, where you can buy the grips and have them shipped to you. You will need to make an account with Buyee just like Amazon or Ebay and the other online shops.

L2/R2 grips

buyee.jp/item/yahoo/shopping/L2+R2 1000 grips

Once you are done filling everything out you will be able to buy them for $39.98 and $5.00 for insured shipping. Go through the rest of the steps and in a few weeks you will have your new grips for your PSVita 1000/phat boy.L2/R2 grips

I hope this helps some of you get these grips a little cheaper then whats out there on the net.


buyee.jp/item/yahoo/shopping/L2+R2 1000 grips

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  1. Thanks been wanting these desperately but don’t feel like being gouged.

    • Now, this may not work for all US states but works great for oversea’s like the UK or Canada. But it is still worth a try and the worse it will say it failed.

  2. I was able too in Canada but Paypal didn’t worked, I needed to use credit card. I don’t know why. Anyway, I was looking fir this for age and for 54$CAD, it’s a wonderfull price that will help me play Marvel Heroes Omega on remote play or many other games, thank you!

  3. Just ordered – Lets see if they turn up………….