iOS 11 Beta Jailbreak!

To clarify, it is not released yet. What the dev team over at KeenLab has so far is a proof of concept on one of the iOS 11 betas. But we still have some interesting information about it for you to glaze over if your heart desires.

We covered all of the great new things that Apple has announced when they first unveiled iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017 earlier this month, if you missed our article, you can find it by clicking here. Additionally, yesterday we got a whole new update of iOS 11 which pushed it to beta 2. If you want to read about many of its new changes from the article, feel free to click here. But, the point of all of this archiving is to show that there is a lot of features and purpose of updating to iOS 11. The problem is that in a fair amount of cases, users will not update because there simply is no jailbreak solution for the operating system at the time.

Twitter user @SparkZheng snapped pictures of what KeenLab demonstrated and posted them on Twitter for the world to see. What the KeenLab team showed off were different models of current iDevices on different iOS versions, including the iPhone 7 series on iOS 11 running a jailbreak.

Now technically, this is astounding. It’s not just an iOS 11 (beta) jailbreak, but also one that is exploitable within the confines of all iOS 10. Realistically though, we do not know if this will ever see the light of day. This is for 2 reasons; we know that he was demonstrating this at MOSEC 2017 and also, he may forfeit the information to Apple for them to fix it and/or they may fix it on their own by the time iOS 11 released this fall.

My hope is that they’ll withhold the information, expand upon it, make it run cleanly and smoothly so we have a full untethered jailbreak solution by the time that iOS 11 drops in the fall. Or if they do spill the beans to Apple and Apple fixes it before or by the time that iOS 11 releases, maybe KeenLab will still release it. That way iOS 10.3 users (which should be a fair amount of us by now) can all have a stable jailbreak that is fully untethered and requires no re-signing at the end of 7 days or weird tricks to keep it going after 7 days.

As of now, I would tell you to stay on whichever firmware you are on, whether you are jailbroken or not. This is because when iOS 11 drops if the jailbreak vulnerability is fixed, you can safely assume that they will release it for iOS 10.3. Or if not, at least we know that Yalu is holding back a jailbreak for 10.3.1 until iOS 11 drops (at least). So that might just be the next best thing.

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