How to install Emulator & Homebrew bubbles on the PSVita with FW3.65

Since I’ve already posted two other guides on how to install VHBL & Custom Themes on FW3.65, I figured might as well make one on how to install Emulator & Homebrew bubbles using PSVIMGTOOL. Just like VHBL bubble, you will need a PSP demo, game or mini for each Emulator or Homebrew bubble you want to make.

Emulator & Homebrew bubbles

What you need:



A PSP demo, game or mini on the Vita:

A PSP demo, game or mini backed up via QCMA:

Emulator Pboots

First, it’s best to download your base games from PSN of course and once you have it on the Vita time to back up the base game with QCMA on the PC. You can use PSP demos like petz saddle club demo or loco midnight carnival demo in the US if you don’t have any PSP games or Mini’s.
Emulator & Homebrew bubbles

Now that your backup is made you need to use PSVIMGTOOL and to make it easier its best to use PSVIMGTool frontend since it has an easy to use GUI. Now that you have PSVIMGTOOL frontend installed, open it up and pick backup manager, then unsign & extract, then last is PlayStation Portable.

Pick the user and then the game backup you want to decrypt then click on the unsign & extract button and it will do all the work for you. Once it is done it will bring up the window where you can find the extracted backup, its where the rest of your vita files are kept with qcma.

Go to the extracted folder, then the PGAME folder then the game id folder for example mine is NPUZ00218. Then click on the game folder and then click on the ux0_pspemu_temp folder and you will see the eboot.

Now take the Emulator & Homebrew pboot & files you want to add to it and place them in the folder. Make sure you add what you want to it as you will not be able to add more to it or you will have to repeat this process to add more roms to your emulator.

Once you are done adding what you want to it time to sign & pack it back up. Open PSVIMGTOOL up if you close it and pick backup manager, then sign & pack, then last is PlayStation Portable.

Now that it’s done just refresh qcma and restore your PSP game backup to the Vita and your new Emulator or Homebrew bubble will appear and be ready to use.

I hope this help anyone wanting to have easy access to emulator or homebrew right on the live area of the Vita or PSTV. If you have any problem leave a comment below.

Note: If the bubble doesn’t work once its put back in the vita from qcma, turn off the vita and put the vita in safe mode then rebuild the data base and it will work.

You find out how to make your own pboot files for emulator or homebrew bubbles below.

How to make homebrew & emulator Pboot bubbles for the PSVita

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  1. no back ups show up whenever i try to use sign and pack

  2. Thanks got everything working but GBA comes up with errors. It still works and plays roms, just wonder if that small error could be fixed.

  3. is there any way how to get demo games without psn and ps3?

  4. Hey, I can’t get my back ups to show up, its just blank.

  5. Do I need to us a different PSP Demo, Mini or Game for each bubble; or can I use the same Demo for different Emulator bubbles?

  6. I can’t seem to get my save data to show up on the GBA emulator after packing the files. There are some games I’ve been playing on my phone, but I don’t want to have to start them over on the PS Vita.

    • I am not sure but I had the same problem in the past but I was able to play saved files for gba games! You have to copy paste them on the folder game bot advance and they must me with the folders such as ROMS, SAVE etc instead of putting them on the folder SAVE!! Please if you don’t understand what i said, tell me!

  7. Any chance we could get an updated list of emulators? I installed the SNESx9 emulator and it is extremely outdated and SLOW. I’ve been trying to install an updated version (rev 28); that I found on another sight and keep getting an error message. It had a EBOOT file and a DATA folder. I renamed the EBOOT to PBOOT and added a ROM folder. and repacked it in the bubble. Any ideas? All of my other bubble emulators work great.

  8. I have been trying to use some of these lovely tricks and such… but every thing I try is stopped by either this or a dreaded errno 22 issue… any ideas?

  9. can i put a real psp game in it? i have followed everything but what i want is a psp game in my vita caus its not available in the ps store is it possible?

  10. Can any of these emulators play PSP games? (v 3.65)

  11. yah is there an emulator could run psp games aside from ARK2?

  12. Hello, been following all the steps but no psp demo appears on the psvimg tool screen, need help!

  13. WhenI try and open the psvimg tool screen I get an error message that says error occurred while processing CMBackUPFile.

  14. So when i try to run the Homebrew I get this: anything i can do to get it to load?

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

  15. Having a hard time getting this to work on 3.65 I am getting a name error : global name ‘accSelect’ is not defined when trying to unsign and extract either loco roco or pet saddle… When I try easy installer I am getting an IOerror: erno 13 permissions denied: ‘keys/’ I’m not sure what I am doing wrong here any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance

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