Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons work on Android devices

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, everyone one been testing out what works and doesn’t work. Twitter user NintendoActu took it one step further and tried out the Joy-Cons on an Android device just to see if they would work. Now that Bluetooth devices can sync very easily with almost every device, unlike a few years ago when it was hit or miss with some Bluetooth devices, so why not give the Joy-Cons a try now.


It was every easy to hook up the Joy-Cons to my Android Nexus P6, all you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth and press the sync button on the Joy-Con. Then it will find the Joy-Con and connected to it.

Once I connected the Joy-Con I notice that it had some really bad lag, I mean bad ( like 5 to 7 seconds on the button pushes) and makes it unusable for anything like Netflix, Emulators, Etc..

It’s still cool that you can connect them to your Android device without any problems. Maybe we could see an app that might fix that or as we all know Nintendo is pushing their way into the mobile market and this could be one of those things they up their sleeve for later.

I have seen anyone try it with any iDevices but if you have a Switch and an iPhone give it a try and let us know in the comments below.


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