GB/GBC One Game One bubbles for the PSVita

A few days ago I released “one game bubbles” that run Gameboy & Gameboy Color games directly from the livearea. After releasing the first five I decided to make a few more GB/GBC bubbles, all you need to have is HENkaku on your PSVita or PSTV and use moleculeshell or vitashell to install the vpk files.



We’ll keep updating one game bubbles for GB/GBC games on the forums here and you could always register to leave a suggestion or leave a comment on this post, on what GB/GBC games you like to see in the next batch I’ll release soon.

Download: GB/GBC one game bubbles batch4


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  1. Please do Metroid II Return of Samus with the color hack applied. I have this for RetroARCh and works great. Infact quiet a few of these Gameboy games have color hacks on and would be greatly appreciated

  2. I’d love a tutorial on how to do this yourself.

  3. Nice! shows anything is possible with HENkaku

  4. It is real easy to do i figured it out with no problems

  5. Could someone make a tutorial on how to make these bubbles?

  6. great work man please make more game please

  7. please Gallery 3 gameboy Color

  8. Pray tell, could this be used with other emulators? I’d love instant access to Street Fighter Alpha 2… no, not the Playstation one. The arcade one with all the animation.

  9. Thank You for releasing these awesome bubbles!

  10. How is this done? Please a tutorial

  11. The emulation for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color audio is terrible or is it over clocked?

  12. tuto please !! i want games GBA -Sness

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