HENkaku 変革 for the PSVita is out & here’s how to set it up

Alright, everyone! Am I happy to be here this morning to tell you about how you can run the latest HENkaku!!!!!

HENkaku is a homebrew enabler for the 3.60 PS Vita/PSTV we will share how to install it and to use the ftp within it to install .vpk files.

Also how to install your apps like ftp and real boy.HENkaku PSVita 1

Here is what they have to say on this very user-friendly and awesome set up we all get to use.

To install you must use the PS vita web browser and just click the orange box  HERE within the PS Vita Browser, you will get a “Welcome to HENkaku”, hit ok and  it will install then back out then you will see your new bubble.

Note: if you get errors just reboot the PSVita or PSTV and try it again, it may take a few times. HENkaku 3

HENkaku 4

Then follow below.HENkaku 6

HENkaku 変革

The first time you install HENkaku, the molecularShell bubble will be added to your LiveArea. This will be your portal to installing homebrew.

Installing Homebrew

  1. The homebrew package you wish to install should be a file with the .vpk extension.
  2. Make sure Wifi is enabled and you are connected to the same network as the host computer.
  3. Open “shell” by launching the bubble.
  4. Press SELECT to start a FTP server. Please note that the FTP server is not password protected. Only run it on a trusted local network.
  5. Note the IP address displayed in a message popup.
  6. Open your FTP client on the host computer and connect to that IP address.
  7. Navigate to “ux0” (this is the root of your memory card) and you can upload the .vpk package here or in any subdirectory.
  8. Once you upload all the packages you wish to install you can disconnect the client.
  9. Back in molecularShell, press CIRCLE to stop the FTP server.
  10. Navigate to “ux0:” and then to where you placed the packages. To install, select the package and press X.

For apps such as realboy you will need to go to your “ux0” and make a folder called anything you want i recommend GB roms  it stands out and place your roms in there.

this is just a portion of the info on https://henkaku.xyz/  please visit the site for further info.

HENkaku PSVita 3  HENkaku PSVita 2HENkaku 1

I have to say this is easy for the most part, and see many good things ahead in its future. There was one hiccup, I was unable to get doom to work or GBA since it hasn’t been converted yet but  I’ll keep trying. We will be keeping a look out for more and help any problems that may come up .

Thank you for your hard work  Davee, Proxima, xyz, and YifanLu. We couldn’t all be here without your hard work 🙂

Thank you for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

You can also grab FileZilla a nice free FTP tool here !!

Download: Emulators & Homebrew VPK files for HENkaku

You might also like to check out How to install vhbl-bubble on fw360 with HENkaku-変革 here


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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CohoIFmVYAEJH28.jpg

    I have some problem here. I’ve tried “https://henkaku.xyz/usage/” but anything work and for sure I’m a in 3.60 and have a 64gb MC with 200 mb free.
    Anyone can help me please?

    • Maybe 30 or 40 times, nothing. I’ve tried to rebuild ddb, format console…. Nothing. :/
      If someone has any idea, i’ll take it. thanks.
      And thanks for this, the Molecule Team, you rocks.

      • Have u turned ur PS vita off then back on once the error appears more than 3 times? That should do it it fixed it for me

        • Yes, I turned Vita off and errors appears everytime I try to install Henkaku (navigator crash AFTER)

          • yea the error comes but did u press ok on the error 3 times because if u did it should work if not then u would re-start ur ps vita

        • hey.. anyone can help me about the ftp? when i open thew molecularshell and press SELECT for the ftp server nothing happens ://

  2. Yes I do. ^^

    1 : I launch Navigator
    2 : I go to “Henkaku.xyz”
    3 : I tap the Install Button.
    4 : When the “Welcome to Henkaku” pop-up came, I tap Ok Button.
    5 : The C2-12828-1 error appears.
    6 : I tap Ok
    7 : I close Navigator and I retry by step 1

    • I have tested i have the Error: c2-1828-1

      This Work directly if you have this error :
      1. Turn the Vita OFF
      2. Put youre Memory stick out
      3. Turn the Vita On
      4. Wait a few sec.
      5. Put youre Memory stick in
      -> Now it want to be restart

      Launch Navigator
      Go Henkaku.xyz
      and etc.

  3. Work un lower firmware? Thanks

  4. hey.. anyone can help me about the ftp? when i open thew molecularshell and press SELECT BUTTON for the ftp server nothing happens ://

  5. what app are you to use to convert files to .vpk i’ve been using vpk.exe( from valve) and getting errors about incorrect format

  6. How can i Install mGBA? i download a .7z instead of .VPK, thx for help

  7. How can i install velf hb? how can i change them to vpk

  8. Filezilla let’s me connect to the FTP server but i can’t do anything

  9. I can’t recall, is there a safe way to block vita updates?

    • Just turn on the proxy with the wrong info, but no real way block updates. Unless you do it manually in your router.

      • If you have auto download updates disabled, does it have a constant nag about updates being available? Is there any risk in not having any proxy or router blocks set up? Haven’t really touched my vita since the 3.52 exploit. Can’t really remember how it works.

  10. I’ll wait for it to be ported to older firmwares. Really looking forward to it though because even after a full reset on 3.52 I still can’t get the email hacks to work. Yes I’ve done the setup reset stuff. Still doesn’t work. I just want some psp and ps1 emulation to go, and this would be perfect for it.

  11. I’m on 3.36. If i update to 3.60 my PSP shell will get freaked up 🙁

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