Time Capsule of the Internet

We’ve come a long way with the internet, languages evolved, techniques evolved, and style evolved. You know how most pages look nowadays and it’s something pretty normal for us. But there are some websites, created back in the day, that are somehow still working, almost like a time capsule of the internet.
So here are 14 Old/Ancient Websites that are still up and working as of now.

  1. FOGCAM!– Since 1994, it’s the oldest, continuously running online webcam, that still works as of now.


  1. Space Jam– The Hit Loony Tunes movie starring Michael Jordan, star-studded, if I may add a pun. This promotional site is still working as good as it did earlier, also has a couple of small games and little treats.


  1. Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour – The oldest Malt Whisky site on the interwebs, complete with descriptions, pictures and tasting notes, thrives to live till date.


  1. Those Bloody AOL Disks – The AOL CDs used to pile up, a lot, so our friend Martyn Arnold here shows us some creative ways to denature the AOL CDs, it’s a fun site to look at, the colours pierce the eyes hard, well, what can you say? The last edit says: 1997.


  1. The Homepage Construction set – With the internet being all the rage at the time, you’d obviously want to make a webpage; okay, you’ve learnt HTML, but how to make your webpage good? This is where ‘The Homepage Construction set’ came in, it taught you how to make a good website. ‘“HTML is theLEGO(R) set of the ’90s” – Eric’- A quote from the website.


  1. The 1996 Internet World Exposition – The name explains itself. A type of a fair, about the internet, from 1996, and for the world.screencapture-park-org-main-text-html-1463029535762
  2. ARNGREN – A well-built site, just kidding, this could give you headaches, to be honest. Over all, an old online market type of site, and has some cool Easter eggs that you might want to discover on your own.


  1. You’ve Got Mail – A fantastic movie from Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, not forgotten until this day, not even by WB, perhaps they did forget to take the site down?


    1. 1996 Summary by CNN – A page hidden deep in CNN’s servers, it summarises all key events of 1996, ex. ‘US elects Clinton’



  1. Jurassic Park Lost World – A movie site, which is, well, it’s in character, it acts like the company that made the park in the movie. A very well built site for its time, like interactive menus laid out on pictures, for example, clicking on a ‘pen stand’ in a picture will take you to some page in the site.

screencapture-www-lost-world-com-Lost_World02-inGENe-html-1463029670244 screencapture-www-lost-world-com-Lost_World02-hammondsoffice-html-1463029711322 screencapture-www-lost-world-com-ingen-index-html-1463029705238

11.Westnet ISP – old Dial-Up ISP website, makes creepy sounds, beware.


  1. Australia by Milamba – A really well-built site around Australia, full of descriptions and pictures, has gotten some good awards too and is still up and running.


  1. GameCopyWorld – A really old site, offers game fixes, NO-DVD patches, etc. its still active and buzzing till date. It keeps its old ethical looks though.


  1. DarkAlex – DarkAlex was one of the most potent PSP hackers, but his forums were taken down in 2009 and all of this has been like this ever since. People still wait for his return.



I hope that you enjoyed my post,

Demolasher36, out for now.

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  1. Amazing for us old guys to look back and be completely nostalgic for the old days of PC!

  2. Oh shit, Dark_AleX!

    When will our God return?

  3. My first cable modem was 1Mb down, don’t remember the up speed. Before that it was DialUp and BBSes. Those were the days. Although, if I had to buy and download a game at yesteryears’ speed, I might hang myself.

  4. I still use GameCopyWorld….

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