Luma3DS – The new “n00b proof” CFW for 3DS

Hey guys and girls! Our friend Aurora Wright released the next chapter in Nintendo 3DS custom Firmware and it’s making a huge splash. Aurora first started out modding ReiNand. Her version was called AuReiNand and it was the FIRST CFW for 3DS that supported A9LH. Many of you are still using version 5.4 and it’s still working just fine. Well, Aurora is at it again with her release of Luma3DS. Luma3DS appears to have taken the place of AuReiNand as, when searching for it, we were presented with Luma3DS
Luma3ds boasts being almost 100% n00b-proof, except for those mistakes like skipping an important step in installing A9LH. It’s got a bootup menu that shows up to set frequencies and L2 cache sizes for those people with a n3DS. From there you can configure bootup from Sysnand, a “Sysnand is updated” feature, multi-emunand support listed as “use second emunand”, allowing region spoofing, showing which nand version you are on in System Settings (sys 11.x.x.x or emu 11.x.x.x), show GBA slash in
patched AGB_FIRM, and enable splash screen with no screen-init.

I don’t know about you, but that pretty much sums up the major pains many were having when configuring their 3DS cfw.
Along with all of those simple to access settings (hold select at startup), there is a CIA available to keep your Luma3DS cfw updated.

You can stick with standard Luma3ds, or if you are a dev, you can install the dev version. There are also hourlies, which are basically taken every hour, no matter the current state (stable or not; my brick your system) of the project. Keep in mind, hourlies are for those people that REALLY know what they are doing and have a way of fixing any issues that arise (hardmod, anyone?!).

Having tested Luma3ds, Hackinformer can definitely speak for the stability on a n3DS, and the reliability. If you enjoy modding your gear and keeping things on the bleeding edge, go HERE and download Luma3DS. There is a wiki available to answer most questions you may have. If it’s not covered in the wiki, check out the forum HERE.
Enjoy and leave some comments! We want to hear your opinions!!!


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  1. Can I install CIA games without cart check?

  2. runs great i think the best cfw at this time. you can access the store, you can update to version 11 (with cfw is running )

    test it on 2 x 3ds ( one normal and one xl)