Still waiting for Windows 10 Phone?

Windows devices co-exist with the iPhones and hordes of other Android devices. People mainly use the iPhones and a variety of the Androids but a Windows phone isn’t bad either. The Lumias have nice displays, an extremely long battery life, comparatively good cameras and the OS isn’t too bad either. Overall it has a smooth and unique feel. My Lumia runs three days without a charge and I play “Hungry Shark” on it all the time. Mostly the Windows Phones have bad app support, poor games, apps crash often and OS updates are very delayed.

What we know is that some of us who own these devices are stuck on Windows 8, or 7, and what you are about to find out is that you can easily become a ,”Windows¬†Insider”, and get these insider builds of Windows 10.

All it takes is downloading the “Phone Insider” app from the store.

  1. Search the store for “Phone Insider”, without the quotes.

2. phone_insider_store_list_1024

3. Open the app, tap Get Preview Builds and enroll, from the two options, select “Insider slow”, to receive builds with a very few bugs, as Insider Fast has full on nightlies (Alpha/Beta Test Builds)


5.The Phone will reboot

6.Once the reboot’s done, Go to settings and go to the updates menu, and check for an update

Enjoy the taste of the new Windows 10


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