PSVita: Qwikrazor87 just released ARK! Again!

Like promised here is ARK, the original one, updated for the latest firmware!

In the provided download pack, you will find different versions for different firmware. This release is not meant for a savegame but for Mr.Gas’ and Major_Tom’s re-birth bubbles. To make this work, you will have to actually work for it this time! πŸ˜€

You must have a base game installed from PSN, and it should not be a crappy minis, and full PSP games with previous exploits may not work, but I haven’t tested much. In my tests, Pool Hall Pro and Numblast didn’t work.

rebith of bubble. copy

Just follow our tutorial on how to sign homebrews here with the provided ‘NP.ISO’ if you are on 3.50 to 3.52

We know it’s quite hard to set up and it needs some time to figure everything out but its worth it!ARK



I have provided three separate saves, which have different patches/kexploit depending on the firmware.
For 3.3X, it is possible to create folders in ms0:/PSP/GAME/, but it has been patched in 3.5X.
Folder names should be self-explanatory for which one you require.

In the “menu” folder, you can choose the menu of your choice, current menu in ARK save is ONEMenu,
drag and drop the files into the ARK_01234 save so that VBOOT.PBP is at root of ARK_01234/.

To exit homebrew/ISO, hold button combo L + R + Start + Down.

To enable plugins:
Make a file called PLUGINS.TXT inside ARK_01234/.
Here are some examples for the format to use.

As you can see, the format is mode,path,switch

“game” should be used for homebrew.
“umdemu” should be used for ISO/CSO/PSN.
“pops” should be used for PS1 games.

path points to plugin.

To enable, you can use “1”, “true”, “on” or “enabled”.

How to video by @radwan126



Fixe’s homebrew crashes for ARK

“For those of you that already have it installed, just transfer the ARK_01234 save for your firmware or those of you that already have it installed, just transfer the ARK_01234 save to the psvita.”

Download: ARK_MajorGas_bubble.zipΒ ver2


Note by Hackinformer:

Once you make an Ark bubble and any other bubble you want. You can still update to 3.55 and these bubbles will still work, but you will not be able to use the email trick again. So that means you can NEVER make any more bubbles or put custom themes on your PSVita or PSTV. I don’t recommend going this, but the choice is yours and if you do this make SURE you make a whole back image of your vita just encase something happens. Once again I do not recommend you leaving FW3.52.

Catch me on twitter: @freakler94

About Freakler

Moin! Occasional programmer, number 2 here at & creator of the PlayStationGuide. I mainly talk about console-hacking related stuff..


  1. Got a c1-2749-2 some prob with the bible creation, will try Tom, need to study today ;P
    And to carry the tradition,FIRST

  2. google drive not found i can’t download it

  3. someone please help on the step 6, whats mean the mail installer ?? please guys.

  4. Link is down πŸ™

  5. link it’s broken

  6. Just to clarify, is the path ~\ARK_01234\subfolder\eboot.pbp (an otherwise empty folder) or is it supposed to be ~\ARK_01234\eboot.pbp (in the same folder as the auxiliary files)?

  7. basegame: Ape Quest starter edition – Quits right out of it

  8. What does he mean by “crappy minis”?

  9. Hmm, tried a number of ways, it gives me a C1-2749-2 error. Does anyone know what that error stands for?

    • Yeah same here… I don’t know what is wrong.

      We need an already installed base game, can’t we install a DRM free package using the email app (the same method we used before to install Dev Assistant for Unity)?

  10. by “Just follow our tutorial on how to sign homebrews” do you mean only create a “eboot.pbp” or doing the whole tutorial?
    I’ve Created the signed eboot from my base game.
    How to transfer this file to vita ?

  11. I’m unable to do the writer.eml hack, it just doesn’t do anything, so I cannot install back app.db since it shows as a question mark whatever I do

  12. Ugh. I can’t get this to work. I see the splash screen, then it exits. Same thing I got when trying to install vhbl. Oh well.

  13. Got it working.

    Go here:
    Download that.

    Go and get the np.iso from the download on this page

  14. Hi all
    I need a link to download “the warriors” european game pkg.
    Thanks for the community.

  15. I am very happy I got this bad boy running on 3.52 with Jikandia as base game, and elite np signer program. Everything is working great. Thank you to all that contributed to the hacks I will be donating to the proper people on payday.

  16. How to reinstall base game without PSN on 3.52?

  17. The Dragon's trap


    Hi all
    I need a link to download β€œthe warriors” european game pkg.
    Thanks for the community.

  18. I dont know what im doing wrong, its works for psp iso’s but when i try ark all I get is a blank screen. app db is edited properly and the base games iv used are loco roco demo and petz demo.
    My file structure is
    psavedata/ULUS1024000(ark files extracted here)/ark/eboot.pbp
    I used sign 104 turned off compression.
    when i use a psp iso it works but ark never runs just blank screen

  19. anyone was able to play PSP isos or csos? I can launch the FTP but any games give me C1-2858-3

    • 3.52 EU BASE Games (Puzzle Scape , Numblast , Ape Ape Quest Starter.) with all base i can run all ISO games and FTP Vita but can’t run ARK. i gues is something wrong with ARK , base games or problem is in folder structure.

  20. Finally able to run ISO through ARK (One Menu).

  21. I used 138menu to transfer ISO’s in the ISO folder created in ms0: (root). Using one menu to execute my ISO’s. Hope this helps!! πŸ˜‰

  22. Folder structure ARK_01234\VHBL01234\EBOOT.PBP
    Firmware: 3.52, Base Game: GTA liberty city πŸ™‚

  23. The Dragon's trap

    Ark working:

    FW 3.52
    BaseGame: The Warriors Eu(i find the pkg with psnstuff)

  24. ARK is working on 101-in-1 Megamix but not on APE Quest demo.

  25. How do I install homebrews?

  26. HI, Please help. What is structure folder?
    “ux0:pspemu/psp/savedata/here must be ARK_01234 folder?” I have ((C1-2738-0) when i start bubble ARC. I use Ape Quest Deo as base game…

  27. The NP.ISO is the file from which you will extract the eboot, am i right?

  28. I get a error c1-2738-0
    Help please:(

  29. I was able to install it and run properly. Then i copied some cso and iso files with via QCMA. and inside the Ark on options i placed to search ISO and now i’m having an error C1-2858-3.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  30. on 3.52 can open link pls help

  31. please post your compatibility with base games here:

  32. Iv tried everything even switching to separate save files, No base games not even the confirmed ones work for any thing other than psp iso’s which is useless as I prefer ark/vhbl emulators.
    Vita 3g/wifi US 3.52
    Petz sc demo = does not work for any homebrew or ark. only psp iso
    Gravity Crash= does not work for any homebrew or ark. only psp iso
    Loco roco carinival demo= does not work for any homebrew or ark. only psp iso
    FF Tactics= does not work for any homebrew or ark. only psp iso
    Prince of Persia sands=does not work for any homebrew or ark. only psp iso

    Would appreciate any help Or if someone can post a signed ARK EBOOT for any of the above listed as a base?

  33. Hi, i get the error C0-9252-8 when open tehe bubble??

  34. Daniel Whittlesey

    How to instal homebrew( emulators/ roms ect.) I havent had time to try by base games for anything yet. But I have street fighter alpha max, mortal kombat, ape escape, call of duty ( all psp titles ) another question. Will this work on ps tv 3.52 us .

  35. Daniel Whittlesey

    I’ve gotten my white list to work and am super hhappy about that . Shit i charged my psp go last night just to play my emulators. Lol

  36. what does it mean to have a base game? im running 3.36 fw where can i download base games??

  37. i can’t install anything because i have just a pstv in 3.20 and can’t transfert via cma or qcma because it ask me for update the pstv i am dissapointed

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