PS Vita Firmware 3.55 released. Patches fail-mail tricks and more!

We all knew this would happen sooner or later. Actually it’s been quite some time since when the last firmware update since 3.52.  The new update is titled 3.55 and now its more than obvious that sony doesn’t care about the vita anymore. This update brings no new features but a lot of system stability..

vita 355

The scene’s Christmas present came early this year and we all are enjoying the cool tricks released by Mr.Gas and Major_Tom a week ago. The more it saddens me to tell you that the just released firmware update 3.55 “Battousai” patches all this fun stuff already. However, Major_Tom predicted that earlier and it was the main reason for this release but now we have the truth..

Fact is the Fail-Mail tricks are patched on 3.55 and up. DO NOT UPDATE!

Because all the cool tricks are depending on dumping and writing files to the Vita’s filesystem via the e-mail app, we are once again locked out with the newest firmware, BUT there is a shimmer of light. The modifications themselves are not patched and if you updated by accident, the installed the PKG installer bubble via app.db manually, creating a complete Vita backup will store the modification with it. So you theoretically can still make use of some of the tricks by rewriting a backup to your 3.55 device.


But that’s not all

As it seems more PSP usermode exploits got patched as you can see in the tweet below:

So the cat and mouse game still goes on.. and the statement ‘Sony doesn’t care about the Vita anymore‘ is an issue of dispute.


What about qwikrazor’s bubbles and kxploit?


They still work and the release will be very very soon. So stay tuned and once again..


if you’re looking to fully hack your Vita system one day. Rejuvenate is and most likely will be the best option you have for long time.

If you are on 3.52 -> do not update
If you are on 3.50/1 -> do not update at all
If you are on 3.30/5/6 -> do not update at all
If you are on 3.18/20 -> Stay as this is the best Firmware
If you are on any Firmware below, manually update to 3.18 if you like!


Can I still access PSN on 3.52?

Yes, you can! However, for a limited time only.

vita update blocker

[Tutorial] How to use Vita Update Blocker and access PSN on the pre-latest Firmware


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  1. Please cartridge backup installation tutorial.

  2. well we all no this was going to happen i not updating again good luck sony

  3. Ok so this was what mr Tom and gas was waiting for to see if the trick works on the new update,now what? are we still going to get the huge hacking package? Im sure it’s done

  4. I’m trying the vita blocker update, but after I click on it to start, the window open but close after two second 🙁

  5. if I install tn-v ark and hbl will they still work if i update to 3.55 from 3.52?

  6. What a shame. Guess I’ll never play multiplayer anything on my PSTV ever again, maybe never even buy anything off the PSN store. What a joke. It’s truly sad what Sony will do to make sure people can’t play all of its Vita games on the PSTV.

  7. Have no choice but to update in order to download “Citizens of Earth” off PSN. I already own a PSP with cfw, and I wouldn’t waste any money on a ps3, so I’m SOL (sorry out of luck). Like the majority of vita owners anyway.

  8. Fug, ps vita already downloaded the update. Luckily it’s not installed but it knows. I tried using qcma to move the new ark save bubble exploit thing over but it said I needed to update. I uninstalled qcma, installed normal cma, then open cma, reset the driver and started all over again, but still nothing, needs an update. What do?

    • If you check the notification window(upper right blue circle), there is an option to delete the downloaded update. Do that and you can then use the exploit.

  9. good day, ijust bought a PS vita and the previous owner updated it to 3.55 already. any chance that i can still use ISO/CSOs that im using onmy psp go. please point me to the right directions on how to play old PSP games and such

  10. I just bought a PSVita and it updated to 3.55.
    Then I googled how to run NES/SNES/DS games, and then read this article.

    Is there a way I can install an emulator to run NES/SNES/DS games on PS VITA 3.55?

  11. There’s only one catch here, is that you can’t use CMA anymore. Meaning, if you didn’t update your PS Vita, the CMA aren’t able to use on lower firmwares and it “requires system update”.

    It’s kinda hassle, if you ask me. I’m waiting until someone finds a way on how to downgrade the firmware and install a CFW via Rejuvenate.

  12. who can teach me how to downgrade my ps vita system which is in 3.55 firmware

  13. I updated and now none of my daughters games play properly, Sony is claiming that is liquid damage but worked fine until upgrade! I am opening a lawsuit

    • Yeah, that is still one bad thing about updating any device as it could fail in the process and don’t know how to fix itself without factory work done on it. So that’s any device and sorry to hear about it like this, but good luck with it and everything.

  14. I purchased a psvita and it as 3.55 is there and way I can still hack it and still be able to play ISO/CSO on it????? Plz answer games cos heaps

  15. I was hoping you could help as I am over speaking so much money on games and I have 3.55 could I still be able to hack and play ISO/CSO on it plz help

  16. How to hack Playstation TV on 3.57?

  17. Md Yeasin Arafat

    my vita firmware is 3.01 and its hack by 101 megamix.
    if i update my vita to 3.18 so what benefit (3.18)
    and my hacked will be gone.
    if 3.18 have benefit plzzzzz reply me
    sorry for my bad english..

  18. my ps vita is updated to 3.61 , would i be able to downgrade

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