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How to install custom (Re-Birth) Homebrew Bubbles
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logo   How to install custom (Re-Birth) Homebrew Bubbles [Outdated!]

Working for Firmwares: 3.00 - 3.52

PlayStationTV compatible: Yes

Difficulty: Hard

Time: approx. 25 min

Credits: Mr.Gas, Major_Tom, qwikrazor87, Hykem, Proxima & tpunix

  • Any non-kernel PSP Homebrew e.g. VitaFTP
  • DB Browser for SQLite 3.7.0 and FileZilla
  • SignFakeNPExpert.rar (342kb)
  • A registered e-mail account on your Vita
  • any installed Basegame (PSP Game) of your choice
  • QCMA

  • Note: This method is temporary and you will need to reinstall the modified app.db after a database rebuilding.

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    As it seems alot of people can't get this to work!

    Please understand that this is not an easy trick. It may work and then again not. Please consider this, following the tutorial.

    Note: Make a CMA backup of your Basegame first!

    Step 1: Dumping your app.db file

    1) Send yourself an e-mail with the following support_uri as link:


    2) Open your E-mail App on the Vita, wait for the mail and click on the link

    themes themes

    3) Now just type in your e-mail address again and send back this e-mail with the app.db file as attachment. You will notice the E-Mail app close itself, thats normal and supposed to happen! :)

    4) Retrieve the dumped app.db file with your PC's e-mail client and just leave it on your desktop for now..


    Step 2: Dumping/Downloading your basegame (EBOOT.PBP)

    To install a custom re-birth bubble we need to once again sign the homebrew we want to use with a basegame. In order to sign it we need to dump our installed basegame from the Vita first.

    So which is the best Basegame to go with? Basically every full PSP game should work (no Minis/PS1 games). Just make sure to pick a small one like Numblast, UNO or similar.

    Note: I'm going with the Game Numblast (NPEG00011) for this tutorial.

    method 1: If you have VHBL, ARK, VitaFTP or whatever running already

    method 2: If you have no exploit game and no access to VHBL/ARK


    Rename it to its titleID for example, NPEG00011.PBP

    Step 3: Converting and patching your Homebrew

    For this tutorial we're going to use the VitaFTP Homebrew App.

    (Alternatively download this VitaFTP.iso directly and proceed with Step 4)

    5) Download EBOOT2ISO1_1.exe (608 kb) as well as sign_EBOOT.BIN_files.rar (29 kb) and extract the archive

    6) Open EBOOT2ISO1_1.exe and select your Homebrew's EBOOT.PBP


    7) It should output a PSP_GAME-folder. Go to SYSDIR

    8) Now take the EBOOT.BIN, move it to our sign EBOOT.BIN Files folder and run the .bat file

    sign eboot.bin

    9) The generated EBOOT_.BIN is now signed! Move it back to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR/ and delete the "_"

    sign eboot.bin

    10) Next up we need to turn this folder into an actual .ISO file. -> Download UMDGen v4.00.exe (1.22 MB) and start it!

    11) Simply drag and drop the PSP_GAME-folder into the programm and save it as uncompressed iso -> vitaftp.iso


    Step 4: Signing your Homebrew

    12) Download SignFakeNPExpert.rar and extract it if you haven't already

    13) Drag&drop the basegame's NPEG00011.PBP and our .iso into the appropriate fields


    (Alternatively move the Basegame PBP to the bases folder for later use.)

    Note: If you want a custom bootscreen select a STARTDAT.PNG! (samples here!)

    STARTDAT.PNG sample

    14) Tick use Fakenp Mode, hit the small saveicon and save your successfully fake-signed Homebrew- EBOOT.PBP


    Step 5: Installing your signed Homebrew via a Savegame

    16) Choose any PSP savegame you don't actively need or download some random one from the internet


    17) Create a new folder in said savegame, called VitaFTP or whatever and copy the signed EBOOT.PBP into it.




    18) Transfer the savegame via QCMA to your Vita. (Note: Sony's official CMA will NOT work!)

    Step 6: Modifying the app.db file

    19) Back on the PC we can now start the SqliteBrowser, open our app.db file..


    ..go to Browse Data and select tbl_appinfo from the dropdown menu.


    20) Sort by titleID and search for your basegames titleID


    21) Apply the following changes:

    Change the Category (key:566916785) to mba

    Change the location (key:3022202214) to vs0:app/NPXS10028/eboot.bin

    Change the path (key:2593862978) to:




    22) When you're done hit Write Changes and close the programm.

    Step 7: Changing the Bubbles appearance

    23) Simply put a customized PBOOT.PBP file next to the basegame in PSP/GAME/ via the mail installer. (Just like with the old Bubbles)


    Here is a VitaFTP pboot: Download
    (don't forget to hex edit the gameID to match your BaseGame)

    Step 8: (Re)Installing the modified app.db file

    If this is the first time you are going to use this Mail-Installer method,
    please make sure to follow this tutorial on how to set everything up first!

    24) The very first thing to do now is to simply rename the 'app.db' file to '#0' without any file-ending!

    25) Now we are going to write a new e-mail with the #0-file as attachment and the path we want the file to be installed as Subject. Send it to your vita!


    26) If everything worked right you should see a camera symbol. Touch it and DO NOT click OK on the appearing Error Message but simply close the e-mail app completely!

    emailapp_writefile emailapp_writefile

    27) Restart your Vita and your custom re-birth bubble should be set up! Done!

    If the bubble auto exits after the bootscreen, the signing process has failed or the .iso file may be corrupt!

    Try with another basegame or with this 100% working VitaFTP.iso first.

    If an error appears the activation of your Basegame may got corrupted!

    Redownload / recopy from a CMA backup and try again.

    Alternatively: Video Tutorial by The Zett via youtube


    SignToolbySkiller104.rar (3.45MB)

    VitaFTP Homebrew (via wololo.net)

    [Collection] Custom STARTDAT.PNG BootScreens (via hackinformer.com)

    FAQ & Troubleshooting

    My Vita performs a database refresh when restarting at the last step.

    This means the app.db got corrupted somehow. Restart at Step 5

    My Bubble didn't change its appearance?!

    Refresh the database by removing the memory stick.

    My Bubble says: Cannot start this application?!

    Try redo the whole process or use a diferent BaseGame.

    My Bubble starts but exits after I see the startdat.png?!

    The signing process failed. Retry or use a different BaseGame.

    My e-mail shows a [?] instead of the photo symbol?!

    Try resetting the Vita's mail account or resend the mail.

    Last updated:
    July 4, 2018