PSVita: New easy to use offline Bubble Editor for rebirth bubbles

A few days ago I wrote a quick help me for this new bubble trick. It was about using the bubble creator by cm_pony on Some people asked if there was an offline bubble creator or editor that would make this process a little bit easier, as SqliteBrowser isn’t the friendliest and can be a little complex for some.

Well, I have some good news for you folks that asked for something like this, Skyrider85 has just released his offline bubble editor. Now this will only help you make bubbles and edit them if you want to use themes your going to still need to use SqliteBrowser.CQMf1D2WwAEnNbV

This offline editor is very easy to use and here is how you load it, just in case you’re not familiar with offline HTML.

First you download the bubble editor here. Once you unzip it just open it click on the index.html then right click and open it with a web browser of your choice. Like seen in the pick below. how tobubble editor

Once you open it up the rest is very easy to use, just fill in the info needed for the Base game, Bubble name and Eboot.pbp path that you want to use. Then just hit add and that’s it, now you can get your modified app.db which will download like anything you get off the net.bubbleeditor1

I hope this makes things a little bit easier for everyone still messing around with these new bubbles and like to thank Skyrider85 for his easy to use bubble editor. Now if you don’t have you app.db file please visit our guide here.


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  1. Could you explain how this works with ark? since ark doest not have eboot in that folder (im using vhbl folder for ark files ie;
    savedata/vhbl01234/…. (no eboot only vboot in that folder)
    should it be
    savedata/vhbl01234/vbhl/eboot.pbb ?

  2. how do i put in the base game when i press base game i see nothing cant right it either

  3. Does anyone have ARK logo? I want to use it for bubble.

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