FALLOUT 4 Special edition comes with a real life Pip-Boy

Calling the hard core fallout fans! FALLOUT 4 Special edition comes with a real life Pip-Boy! arm attachment. This can be used as a second screen attachment, and a great accessory for the game console for this big title. How cool is this if you’re a cosplayer right?

pipboyIf you aren’t too sure what the Pip-Boy is just think of it as the fallout smart watch! It doesn’t really tell you how healthy you are, it’s just the basic stuff for example, our are surrounded, Vital health stats and the massive inventory you claim through the game. So imagine not needing to actually go to the menu and just stare at your arm instead? You feeling me yet?


The attachment is also said to work with up to date major smartphone devices. This will allow the pip boy to give you real time information. You can just drop your phone in there (foam insert) transforming it into a pip-boy and viola. Yes there will be cradle differences so all phones are welcome.

Now, if your telling yourself “this is dumb and why pay $120 for an empty arm piece that needs my cell phone?” Well, you can always just use the app and pay the $60 dollars for whatever guns afterwords, that you want due to not paying the $120 because after all, we are in a DLC era. So are you ready for November 10th yet? Be sure to check out google play or the app store so you can wreck havoc in a whole new way!

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