Mini NES pulls off N64 emulation via RetroArch

The Mini NES seems to be full of surprises, with being able to emulate multiple game systems. Just when you think the Mini NES is done it pulls another rabbit out of its hat with it being able to play N64 games using RetroAch and Hakchi2 2.11. In the video below you can see it does one hell of a job Playing Mario 64 and does a decent with frame rate with every little slowdown. It seems that the Mini NES is becoming one awesome emulation station.

In my opinion, it even does a better job than the Vita or PSP as only a few games are even worth trying to play on either system. Now I made a video of Mario 64 on the Vita and when you compare both of them you can see that there are a lot of slow downs and choppy sound on the vita. It really seems ass backwards and kind of crazy that the Mini NES can emulate the N64 better than the Vita.

Take a look at both videos and tell us what you think in the comments below and what do you think is next for the Mini NES.


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  1. It’s not really a fair comparison as the Vita is running the N64 Emu inside its PSP mode. Wait for a proper native Vita N64 emu to come out first.

    • Kind of true and the Mini NES does have some crazy spec for a emu system. quad-core chipset, 4x Cortex A7, Mali400MP2 GPU.

      I know we all think there going to be a n64 for the native side of the vita but the few people I talked with said its a pain in the ass. Even RetroArch talks about how painfully slow it is on the vita like 5fps. But here to hope as I love to see a good N64 emu on the vita native side.

      • Yeah, the NES Mini is really quite impressive like that. Well, hardware has come a long way and sometimes it costs less to use a better component because it’s being mass produced in a bigger scale.

        I’ve also heard about the negativity surrounding that, to my understanding we haven’t been able to use GPU hardware acceleration on the Vita until just recently because they finally figured it out. So I’m carefully hoping that this will finally bring some emulators that actually outperform what the PSP did.

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