Boot any PSP/PS1 game or homebrew right from Vita live area with ARK Auto Boot

Today, developer qwikrazor87 has released a modified version of the ARK 2 pboot bubble, that will allow you to launch whatever PSP game, PS1 game, emulator, or homebrew you want from live area!! With this you can make any psp/ps1 game, homebrew or emulator look like official vita game right on live area without going right into ARK.

Now, these bubbles will even work on FW3.63 but they have to been done before you update (which I would never tell anyone to do) or backed up via qcma or cma then restored on to FW3.63.

Now here is what qwikrazor87 has to say in the read me.

Here is a modded ARK-2 to auto boot whatever game or homebrew you have configured.

Copy PBOOT.PBP and SAVEPATH.TXT to base game folder,
which should be located in ms0:/PSP/GAME/ (that’s ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/).
Then use CMA/QCMA to backup the base game to your PC,
then restore the game back to your Vita.

You should now see the base game with an ARK icon,
or to whatever icon you have changed in PBOOT.PBP,
you can also update the title for PBOOT.PBP.

For each game you want to auto boot, you will need to use a different name for the savedata folder,
so you will need to update the path in SAVEPATH.TXT to point to the savedata folder.

For example:

Included save, ARK_01234, has a file called BOOTPATH.TXT,
there you can store the path of the game that you want to auto boot.

Here is an example path for an ISO (or CSO):

or for homebrew (or PS1 game, without sound):

it doesn’t matter where the game or homebrew is located,
as long as you have the correct paths, it’ll launch.

To boot back in the ProShell menu,
hold L trigger + R trigger + Down + Cross, and keep R trigger held.

Do NOT use ux0: path in these files, only use ms0:.

Download: Ark auto boot 

Mirror:  Ark auto boot

This can make this much simpler to enjoy your favorite emulatorhomebrew, and PSP games right from the live area and to make it look just a bit more official. Of course, PS1 games also work but they do not have any sound.

If you like this please send a thank you to  for all the hard work that goes into his work. We also have a bunch of pboot emulators already done that you can check out


I want to thank you for reading and to remind you to keep doing it for the love of the game.


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  1. Yesssss booting is now possible again!!!!

  2. from the live area that is lol

  3. So this is more of less a Whitelist hack for the PSone and PSP library of Vita games?

  4. can there please be a tutorial soon.

  5. work on 3.60? the base game bubble not change icon… 🙁

  6. If you rebuild the database and mark error. Someone can do a video tutorial please.

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